Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 39

Woah Guys Woah. We have a crazy story for this week, its pretty awesome!
we had zone meeting on tuesday and found out we are having a mission conference at the end of the month and a zone conference right before that. We are having elder l. tom perry come!!!!!!!!!! ahhh we are sooo excited! after our meeting we went tracting for a few hours what i gathered is that now i know the members neighbors more than they do. they have some work to do getting to know their neighbors. we went on visits with the young women and it went pretty great
tuesday we tried visiting less actives and some investigators but everyone is sick so they said to come back next week. :( we taught a lesson to our eternal investigator frances and found her son told her not to join the church which is why she is fighting getting baptized and going to church so that was sad. we taught the restoration to an investigator thats had quite a few missionaries but she is coming closer to fully accepting that this is true
wednesday we were sick of our room being cramped so we re arranged it but i forgot a picture! so next week! but we have a TON more space now!  we weekly planned and went on rides. oh and president myers got a puppy! but it wasnt the kind he wanted, he sent his son to get it but didnt realize it wasnt a pure bred so he didnt really want it so now he has a dog hahaha but we are enjoying it until he gets a real german shorthair puppy ( for hunting)
friday we had a missioniary breakfast with the stake and talked about our areas with the stake president we saw some less actives and tried more people that really just didnt want to see us:( we went to sports night and ate our hump day cake
saturday all our plans fell through so we did service for sister myers and then went on rides with the ysa. we felt like we had done nothing all week but come to see when we counted up our lessons that night we had 25 lessons already for the week
sunday we had meetings and more, at the ysa there was a newly returned missionary who served in the las vegas mission guess who was his trainer.... JARED MURPHY small world. and he knew Justine Tucker (my freshman roommate) too! such a small world! a kid in the YSA came up to us and said so i have been to church 2 times now and want to take the lessons and work towards baptism. HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS!! he really does because finding someone with a baptismal date is our goal and was the highlight of our prayers. i bore my testimony in the 1st ward and then there was no one to teach the gospel principles class so i just got a book and started teaching its amazing normally i would be nervous and think omgoodness i am teaching right now but it went really well and people thought that i had prepared the lesson so that was kinda cool. oh how the lord blesses his missionaries. 2 of our lessons cancelled but we had one that went really well with a part member family. OH one last funny story. so i was reading in mosiah for my personal study and i was so into the story in chapters 15-20 and i had this thought oh abby you probably shouldnt be unapproved books and i PUT IT DOWN and then i realized that silly me IT WAS THE BOOK OF MORMON! sooo funny i have really learned to love the book of mormon and reading the scriptures. i just want you all to know that i know we have a loving heavenly father and that because he loves us he sent us jesus christ and that our savior died for you and me so that we could live with our families for forever. i know that the church of jesus christ of latterday saints is the same church that christ established here on the earth and that joseph smith was the prophet chosen to restore the gospel and saving ordinances here on the earth. i know that thomas s monson is a prophet of god and will lead and guide in a direction closer to christ. i love this gospel and i love that i get to share it with those that havent heard it even if i get shut down 90% of the time. at least im planting seeds. i love you all!!!!
sister abby wasden

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