Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 45

Can i just tell you how crazy this week has been? I made a lot of cool connections this week!
monday pday as per usual we played basketball and ultimate Frisbee and soccer, we had a fun FHE with a family and played sneaks which is like spoons but with little sneakers!
tuesday i was feeling horrible so we rested and then later that day we went out passing out fliers to the ward for the missionary fireside we were having on sunday
wednesday was day 2 of sick people. our whole compnaionship is sick gross. we did a puzzle and we finished it in 3.5 hours needless to say we were sore from sitting on the ground for 3.5 hours.  we got dressed and then headed out to pass out more fliers before dinner. after that we joined the youth in basketball after mutual and there were 5 nonmembers there so that was awesome!
thursday we studied and then i had a doctors appointment and sister wilson went to the temple so sister ioane and i headed to the doctor and let me just tell you i had the coolest doctor he is from ghana but went to rutgers for school in new jersey and i told him i was born in NJ and he was like where are you from? and i said south orange and he was like oh yeah ive been there and i was like do you know that bakery there cait and abbys by the train station and he is like oh yeah its super popular and good and i go, i am the abby in cait and abby my parents started that bakery and he freaked and was like ah i cant wait to tell my wife she will be jealous i met you! so that was cool we came back and i napped and then we went to walgreens to get my medicine for my sinus infection oh yeah by the way i have a sinus infection so im glad i went to the doctor to get that figured out haha that night we  passed out more fliers
friday we had a really good zone meeting and it made me want to go out and work more and they usually do. it was sad to think that i only have 5 more zone meetings left and then im home:( after the meeting our whole zone did service together which was really fun #zoneunity, we saw some people after service and then we had korean bbq which was sooo good! after that we went to sports night and we had a nonmember there so that was good!
saturday we had out stake missionary meeting and apparently it was the best that they have had yet. so thats good, we invited the stake president to come and he did so that was good! it made the difference! ater that we headed to weiser for kalebs baptism he is the ysa kid i taught in kuna that moved to payette and the elders finished teaching him! it was a great day i love going to baptisms! after that we had lunch and then came back and went on rides with a girl that just got back from her mission in brazil she is awesome we contacted 2 referrals and then we went on splits sister ioane and i went out together and we contacted 7 people in an hour so that was super cool! after we had a meeting with the ward mission leader
sunday we had meetings and church we helped teach a lesson and at dinner the family had their daughter come for dinner she has a family but she went to byuh and guess where she worked the religion  department for auntie anna! isnt that crazy!! connection part 2 then we went to a mission call opening for the bishops son and he is going to pittsburg spanish and a family came up to me and were like wait you are from CT do you know where ridgefield is and i was like yeah its in my stake and they were like do you know the kellers?? they are my cousins! i was like what the what thats awesome so connection 3
now its pday gotta go!
sister wasden

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