Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 43

This week was nuts. we had a lot of busy things going on including we hatched 34 baby chicks. monday as per usual we play sports and then that night we had an awesome lesson with our investigator in the ysa, tony.
on tuesday we went out visiting people with the young womens president we had to talk to the new office couple and guess who they are.... the stauffers, mckinleys grandparents! its awesome! we went to the ysa activity and played games
on wednesday we had district meeting and all went out to lunch, and elder sulca the brown kid doesnt speak spanish and the lady kept trying to speak spanish to him it was hilarious. we went on visiting people and had another lesson with tony
thursday sister nelson was sick so we were home all day but i went out on rides with a sister in the ysa ward
friday we were home for a while and we went on rides with sister croft but no one was home. that night was the blue and gold and sister nelson and i made a cake to donate for the cake walk we made a missionary tag and frosted it 100% homemade it was super cute!
saturday we had transfer calls. i am going to nampa east 9th ward ( president cannons ward) with sisters wilson (our mission) and sister ioena (temple square) im trying to be positive about being in a trio and nampa i know itll be a struggle but im sure it will turn out fine in the end. i need to learn something obviously. we had our meeting with our ward mission leader and then we headed to nampa for our mission conference. it was awesome to see all my missionary friends and get to catch up with them. we heard from elder brent nielson sister neill marriott and elder l tom perry we got to shake all their hands and it was amazing to be that close with an apostle of the lord. at the end of elder perrys talk he let us ask questions. sister nelson and i really wanted to ask one so we raised our hands and hey jack we got picked. i asked how should we should encourage members to help in missionary work. at first i thought he was rebuking me from how he said his answer but he said we ALL need to be more creative members and missionaries in how we shared the gospel we dont need to knock doors but we do need to be more creative. it was a great conference and that was a special experience to be able to ask an apostle a question. i had a bunch of missionaries come tell me i had that exact question thank you for asking it. we got back and went to a baptism and had some investigators there! that night we cleared the air with some issues with other missionaries and helped inform them on how things are run in a young single adult ward because there was a huge miss communication with lead to other problems and hard feelings. it was a good learning experience though.
sunday we had a special broadcast with elder brent nielson sister neill marriott and elder l tom perry to the whole state of idaho. it was great to hear again from our church leaders. the rest of the day i spent visiting people and saying goodbye. i never thought i would say this but i love kuna. it was great. slow but its starting to pick up. presidnet myers gave me a blessing and i packed. the myers were like my family and and harvey and dorothy were like my grandparents i cried for days and i am so sad to leave but it will all work out! i gotta go but i love you all write me please i know these next 6 weeks will be hard!

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