Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 48

everyone please know that i am on the verge of being a pioneer. i walked 9 miles on friday. 9 MILES PEOPLE. thats a lot. this week was a good week but mostly because of conference. we walked EVERYWHERE and NO ONE WAS HOME was 9 lessons this week. 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats horrid. well at least for our mission. the standard of excellence in 20. that should be our minimum we were all bumbed but we talked about it and realized that God sees us and knows we are trying our hardest and that no one answered their doors but we kept walking and our success is based on our commitment to spreading and teaching the gospel not necessarily if it gets done. just that we are committed to doing it.
tuesday we had interviews with president and they went really well. we had a lesson planned with someone who seems super promising in wanted to learn more but she cancelled last minute so hopefully this week!!!
Wednesday we had district meeting and saw a few people from the tracting blitz follow up
thursday we weekly planned and made our pine wood derby car for our race today with our zone! we had dinner with the Honns! They are sooo sweet!:) <3 we saw an investigator who had been avoiding us and caught her at home and it was sad but she was obviously drunk and told us to come back the next day.
friday every appointment we had was a bust. it either took A LOT less time or they just werent home. thus we walked 9 miles. its hard having 1 ward because you are just looking for things to where as if you had more you always had something to do. and walking is the worst because by the time we get down to the other neighborhoods we have time to see like 3 people and then have to walk back for something else. its dumb. but we met a cool 7th day adventist that just moved here from maryland and he knows a lot about the church and said we could come back so that was neat!
saturday we had a meeting before conference for the stake and WOAH general conference was AWESOME but it was SOOOO SAD when you heard that big crowd yell oppose. come one people if you dont like the church or whats going on, leave! but dont ruin it for everyone else. you could just feel the spirit leave the conference center. but the brethren handled it very well. and the music brought the spirit right back.
sunday we were at our bishops for the morning session and watched with his family a less active returning to activity and had breakfast and the afternoon we watched with a cute young couple. it made me miss my caity and brad because they are very similar in lots of ways. but the conference talk about less actives really hit home for me and both of my companions. we all have less active siblings and other family members and it breaks our hearts and we just want to yell youre ruining your life come back to the gospel and you will be sooo much happier but we dont. we need to be patient and keep loving them just as christ would and one day they will realize that the only thing that brings true pure joy and will help them get back to their father in heaven and Jesus Christ is making covenants with him in HIS church. we had dinner with a cute family and then we tried to see some people but they werent home. we picked up our pinewood derby car and then planned. i will let you know how we do in our zone race. the only restriction is that our car must be powered by gravity
well i gotta go but i love you all! write me! transfers are next week! pray that i get a car! you think its a joke but im not joking i pray for that daily hahaha
sister abby jane wasden

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