Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 16

first off before i go into this week, here are some thoughts i had while sitting in my 3rd sacrament meeting of the day.
1.we took a survey and a question asked if there was no age change would you have still served, and i said no. i was honest i don't think i would but im glad there was an age change bc i'm out here.
2. we had zone meeting and we all went around and said what our dream career was i was the only one out of 10 sisters that said she wanted to be a mom and then have a career. i was appalled and slightly disappointed in today's future women.
3. its sad because every time someone gets up to the pulpit and they say good morning brothers and sisters i still expect aloha to follow it and when it doesn't i get sad:( i love the aloha
4.i was a little sad with all this back to school stuff because i love going to school but its also weird because i'm pretty close to my 6 month mark and then i will be saying this time next year ill be home... WEIRD.
5. we ended up with 3 new investigators again this week! its so awesome 2 technically arent ours they are boswell and silvas but we are teaching them because they are sitting in on the lessons with their daughter who we are teaching who is in the YSA.
6. i'm 99.9+% sure they are splitting our area next transfer and it makes me sad but idk if i'll even stay haha

OKAY now for my week. so everyday we started out with going to the gym. I LOVE IT. a member owns this really nice gym in middleton so missionaries get to go for free so we get up at 6 and go every morning and its the best. i lifted 55 lbs one day like the bar with 5 on each side. #iwasproud

monday we went hiking in emmett with our whole district. it was fun but we officially have the weirdest zone in the mission. i'm not even joking. we went from the chillest district to the weirdest overnight. #transfers but its all good in the hood then we taught our recent convert zion. he hasn't been to church yet since his baptism. we are sad about it but he can make his own choices he is still reading the BOM and stuff but he had already made plans and his mom runs his life.

tuesday we got to pick all these wonderful things from this old widowers garden because he was out of town. i picked corn right off the stalk. it was pretty legit. #ididntgetthisfarmerstanfornothing #bcimafarmer went went on visits later and then taught one of our investigators. she is moving slower so we only taught the first half of the restoration. then we went to enrichment night about canning with one of our less actives that we are working with, stephenie! she is sooooo awesome! we just love em!

wednesday we had district meeting and i convinced elder schlub to do a gospel rap bc he said he "free styles" its hilarious. its weird to see him in the field now bc he was in the MTC with me. we didn't think we would see each other much but the mission is a small world. WE FINALLY MET THIS ONE LADY IN THE YSA. you have no idea. wow. we knocked her door 3 times a week for 3 1/2 months. and finally we caught her outside and got to meet her. it wasn't as interesting of a conversation as we thought but it was nice to put a name to a face. then we met with one of our relief society presidents and then picked peaches at a members house. also this day mark it in history abby wasden killed 10 flies in 10 minutes. ARE YOU NOT IMPRESSED??????? then later that night we went on visits. #typicalforamiddletonmissionary

thursday we weekly planned love those days. sister d had a package already to send to this super cute elder in japan but then freaked out so i had to chase her around and re-put the package together write the letter and then give it to the mail guy bc she wouldn't but she told me she was sooooo glad that i sent it bc she never would've. (he sent her one 3 weeks ago and she NEVER responded) i told her that was rude and he probably feels 100% rejected. #missionarylove then we went on visits.

friday we had a lesson with aubree and went over the plan of salvation. she was having a hard day and that was the perfect thing because whenever we talk about the plan of salvation it always reinstates the BIG PICTURE. ya know. we visited people and then this story. so we set up this appointment thinking we were teaching a recent convert the new member lessons. but we get there and its her (our new investigator) and her parents all sitting around the table with notebooks and pens to take notes on our discussion. but the lesson went really well. we just taught according to their question and we ended up teaching the majority of the 1st and 2nd lesson. she is golden and i think our next baptism. hopefully for September!  then we taught the becks. we watch the restoration dvd and kevin (the investigator) related joseph smith to moses and that shocked me because he was starting to see him as a prophet! YES!

saturday we went on visits pretty much all day and then went to a baptism with becca our new investigator. she loved it and really felt the spirit.

sunday we have church, obvi, and lots of it. kevin and becca came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome. we also were invited to devin's (kevin step sons) priest ordination. it was so special. he is already saving money to go on a mission! we had dinner and met a family that have over 3000 movies sister d was so shocked that i had seen a LARGE majority of them. i wasn't. do you know who my family and siblings are? i do. #nerds but i realize daily how big of a nerd i really am. and i love it. #therealme we ended the night at the fishers with the spanish sisters and a lesson with aubree.
today we are making sushi and im soooo excited!

sending her package to elder henrie <3 with our best friend at the post office.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 15

so well well well family. whats going on?? this week was good.
Monday we wanted to scare fishers goats but somehow they are smarter than we think. we tried for hours. but took breaks. the spanish sisters moved in with the fishers and so the elders and me and sister d set up their beds and apartments. i used the coolest drill that hammers and drills at the same time. sister fisher made us smoothies and we played basketball. we went to the coles for FHE #typical

Tuesday we had to make the programs for zion's baptism and worked on ward directories we went on visits with aubree our new convert which was great and then we for ready for zion's baptism. it was great, we had over 100+ people and we had 3 investigators there! we had a reunion of my 1st district. it was so sweet one of our less actives we have been working with bore his testimony about us and how we've helped him and how he knows the gospel is true and he doesn't believe in coincidences anymore. its was cool. a very special experience. 

Wednesday we ate as a district at garbanzos, we filled our day with visits and taught the becks with sister fisher, kevin beck said he would come to church soon!! score

thursday we weekly planned and made zucchini bread and summer squash bread.  then we went out and delivered to less actives and investigators. we had a lesson with the elders with regina and zion which went well.

friday we went to the gym and it felt great ! missionaries get in for free! then we had a great zone meeting about our expectations. we went on visits and then retaught lesson one the restoration to the becks bc kevin needed it. we helped make jam! the ZLs found a dead fox and they put it on elder johnson and schlubs door step. too funny. they still don't know it was us.

saturday we went to the gym again. SUCCESS. we made lists and directories all day and sorted them on excel. it's helpful but took a while. shout out to elder silva's mom! everyone, i became famous! one of the elders in my district's mom reads my blog and i met her the other day it was sooo cool! we had a lesson at the coles' and then we stopped by the becks! i love summer here because EVERYONE GIVES YOU SO MANY VEGGIES AND FRUIT FROM THEIR GARDEN.

sunday we had church from 9-4 so it was long. we were so hungry, we had chips and salsa during 8th ward council. we taught in every meeting other than sacrament meeting and we were exhausted. then we went to dinner at the mcdonalds' house and we chatted! it was so fun!

well that's all for now, not much to say this week. well i decided i need to write a book. i have lots of words of wisdom. my comp was having a little hard time and thinking too negatively and i said we need to look at ourselves of who we will be and want to be not as we are because we will always be negative about ourselves now bc we aren't perfect we can always improve but  we need  to flip those negative thoughts and think about how we will be as we work on our problems #abbywisdom.
well love you all
sister abby wasden

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 14

so this week has been good. i have had my up and downs i will be honest. but its nothing i cant handle i will SURVIVE! #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #imnotdeadyet so here is the weekly update I have a confession to make... im still the same old abby because i prank like a boss. we are a horrible combo because ithink of the craziest ideas and sister d is crazy enough to do them. so alas we prank all the time. we dont plan them they are random so we prank when we find time its not distracting dont worry.

monday was BOMB we went to a members house that had this giant slip and slide... dont worry for all who are worried and are telling me to be obedient.... i am... we got it approved ok! so we we down this 50ft slip and slide and it lands in this tiny pool it was soo cool! one of the best pdays so far. we went to the colse again for FHE
so to back track a little a while ago we got some elders to place a homing pigeon in our ZLs bathroom while they were out. that was one of the funniest pranks we did. they were like WHAT THE HECK there is a bird in our house! so it was a classic. so on our way home from FHE we see a road kill chicken all there so i say how funny would that be if we put it on the DLs door step so sister d stops the car and picks up the chicken and puts in in a bag and puts it in the car... it was soooo gross. but we got caught trying to do that(put it on the DLs doorstep) so we talked them into helping us put it on another set of elders door step, the ones who let the air our of our tires so they deserved it also the elders that helped us put the pigeon in the ZLs apartment) we left a note on the chicken framing the ZLs...i covered my tracks. it was classic and no one knew it was us for a while.

tuesday wasnt very eventful but we had a great lesson with our investigator kevin who is married to a LA who really wants to get active and make it to the temple. she is such an inspiration, but really tho her son is getting ordained a priest next week and asked that we come and be there for that. it was so special they attribute their want to come back to church to me and sister d but i know that the lord had been preparing them for a long time. but kevin the non member is cool very nice he used to be a drug dealer so he told me if i ever wanted to know what any drugs were like just ask him because he used to deal em. #mishlyfe

wednesday we had such a fun last District meeting with "todays district"  and i had the skill check we played a spiritual version of telestrations, my idea #classic elder olson gave a great training and we did paper plate awards and transfer predictions. one of our lesson get cancelled last minute and we didnt have enough time to go home so we had these ugly dresses from DI and went to the spanish sister apartment and hid all their clothes except for the horrid dresses. it was funny then we had a good lesson with seth our recent convert

thursday we woke up to a bunch of crap on our car from elders boswell and olson #typical and we cleaned our car and got them back... we weekly planned and then one of our relief society presidents took us out to all you can eat sushi and fro yo. i ate too much. but it was sooooo good. i met one of rachaels bffs from BYUI because he is marrying by RSPs daughter.

friday  our lesson with kevin went horrible because he had been drinking before we came over.  i planned a hypothetical trip to midway to go boating and shooting but then olson called to check in on me and he talked about how i need to just laugh at everything and to sleep it off. so true. #wordsofwisdomfromolson another word of wisdom he gave me was laugh at everything except the gospel that struck me because i realized i really do need to just laugh at it all and then when it comes down to the gospel take it seriously and work hard as heck.

saturday we had breakfast with olson and johnson at he fishers while we listened to transfer calls. btw WE ARE BOTH STAYING im happy about that, we have so much work to do here. middleton is one of the best areas in the mission. we helped out at the clothing drive and then had lunch with aubree and mama fish. we went on a lot of visits after and were pooped and didnt have a dinner so we went to fishers and made cookies for the elders that were getting transferred. but we had to prank too  so we got flat rate boxes and filled them with cow poop and then put tissue paper on top so when they opened it they would grab cow poop. it was GREAT and we had the sender be from a sister that olson and johnson cant stand hahahaha so funnyyyy. but tey were joining us in a lesson with zion and his mom so we had boswell and briminy drop off the package during our lesson. again we always get other involved.  but we had a good lesson about temples.

sunday we ahd church and then we had dinner at fishers , we gave johnson his GPS back. sister d pointed out why i am such an anomaly. i had an amazing 1st district, im on my third tranfer with my trainer, i have shotgunned an area, i have had a baptism for every month ive been out. my ZL became the next AP I have had a ZL who went home (honorably it was the end of the 2 years) my companion is convinced i am a seasoned missionary because i am realistic and i never had that greeny high where you think you will teach and baptize everyday but somehow that became the reality. i often wonder why god has given me these experiences why am i so spoiled to have had these experiences. sometimes i think am i going to get sick and go home early so god is making it the best it can be before that time? am i going to have a horrid time the rest of my mission? am i being shown the blessing of making the step to actually just get out there and serve? i dont know any of the answers... but all i do know is that i do have days where being a missionary is the last thing i want to be doing, but i love it. i love teaching and sharing the gospel, i think of the blessing that god has given me and i think one of them is teaching, it comes natually to me and over all i can connect with people i just need to multiply my talents like in the parable. i am happy and i am still be which is what i was scared of. i still get along with everyone, im still a prankster and i am a child of god.
well i need to go shopping.... for groceries geezzzz people i know what every single one of you were thinking. love you all
sister wasden

week 13

Hey fam bam this week was interesting but good.
monday we had a "hike" it was fun we went up to webers pond and just chilled as a district which was fun! we went back to the church and played basketball! it was a good pday, i got another 3 pointer btw to im getting there with basketball

tuesday we went on visits and met people and then we did service for a older man in his garden, he fed us dinner and everything was homegrown. he made stuffed bell peppers beans mashed potatoes all grown in his garden! it was SO good. then we went out and help pat campbell. she forced us to watch tv again and told us it was a service to have us over to watch tv with her.... but we couldnt be rude so we just sat and tried not to watch haha

wednesday we had a good district meeting and then lunch at the Ah Yous the family from laie they made us sho you chicken and it was the best ive ever had better than papa oles!!! ahhh i loved it we had a lesson with zion and we had a meeting for an upcoming missionary fireside

thursday sister d went to the temple but before that and we exchanged comps we went out to lunch the four of us. the sister i went with was pretty cool we had a busy day oh and i got to drive! man i missed driving... we met with a new investigator and she told us she needs more jesus in her life so that was cool she wasnt happy with the church she was currently going to. they dont preach about jesus they just talk smack about mormons. then we went out to try to see come people but no one was home then we taught a LA about patriarchal blessings and serving missions. then we taught zion. the sister i was serving with was obsessed with one of the YSA kids that joined for the lesson and kept asking me all about him after the lesson. i was like WOAH you are a sister missionary...chill lady. we had a dinner and lesson then we visited with a LA couple and talked about why church is important and about the temple. then we dropped come chocolate zucchini bread off at a part member families house and then i got sister d back.

friday we accidentally scheduled two appointments for the same time.... and couldnt reschedule them and so we tried to find people to go with us. we called like 30 people and finally the last 2 people we called could go. it turns out those were the perfect people bc one was a long lost friend from primary and they had lost contact throughout the years they were born in 1943 so old. and they were shocked that they wer now in the same ward and had no idea well bc one was less active and they didnt know each others married names. but it was cool to see them connect and be so happy to find each other. and the other girl that went with us had work with kids with special needs a lot and the girl we were teaching has special needs so she knew how to help and teach her. then we went to the new investigators house and cleaned it.  then we taught zion another lesson with his mom and the elders and 2 ysa kids about repentance. we had a cute little dinner with a bunch of old ladies who picked some stuff from pinterest and made it haha so sweet,

saturday we did service for donna all morning and then zion had his baptismal interview which was good, we had the best cookies that were actually good for you and were made on the bbq! #totesidaho #theywerecalledcowboycookies then we went to the YSA activity bc there were lots of nonmemebers there. so that was fun

sunday was good, we set up one of our investigators on a date with one of sister ds parma (thats a town) investigators and they picked church to be their date to meet but then ended up spending the whole day together. i wasnt feeling the best so after church we went to fishers and bro fish made up nachos and then i took a nap. we had dinner with her son and his GF it was soooo good we had the best steak ive ever had. #homegrown. then we went to a missionary meeting and then i taught brother fisher how to index! it was so funny... he is a lot like dad but not with technology haha its great. well that was my week. nothing crazy. transfers are next week and i might cry if i leave middleton i never thought i would get attached to a town on my mission but i have worked so hard setting this area up and can see all the stuff thats about to happen and dont want to miss it. but i have this weird feeling that ill get transferred. so sad. middleton is great and i work really well with the people here. love you all soooo much. also you have slacked on emails a little thank you mom dad cami and grandma for emails. and shan for the real letter. you rock the rest are dead to me.
sister abby wasden
ps ive been gone 3 months WHAT THE HECKLE??????????

Week 12

ALOHAAAAA familia,
this week was nuts we had a lot happen.

monday we went shopping in nampa and got ready for aubrees baptism! it was amazing!! president cannon, the 1st counselor in the mission presidency the stake president and the branch president! it was awesome! she was so ready to be baptized and her testimony is so strong and despite all the stuff her family was trying to sway her with she stayed strong. i look up to her for sure for her testimony!

tuesday our first 2 appointments canceled so we felt like failures and then got ready to go on visits with sister mcdonald. there are so many crazy churches here. we saw the fill my cup church and  the way church...

whats wrong with that picture. there is no needed apostrophe. what the what.

wednesday  we had district meeting which is always fun. then we had lunch at the fishers. We just love them:) Then we taught some lessons not super eventful....

thursday we had quarterly interviews with president cannon which went great. he told me i have the best trainer in the whole mission! its true and he said i was a rock star missionary, which is great. we went and saw more people again not anything eventful..we made aubree a painting super cute!

Friday we had a big list of people that the bishop didnt know so we went to go see them and meet them. we somehow ran into aubrees grandma who is completely inactive and wants nothing to do with the church. so this story is pretty funny. this lady welcomes us in in and is so nice! she is like do you want lemonade come on in!? so we are like sure! she makes us lemonade and then had to take an important phone call so we are sitting in her living room and looking around and see all these pictures. and we are like woah that looks like aubrees mom... that looks like aubree.. so we text her and we are like what is your grandmas last name... and it was the same as the lady we were visiting... we realize we are sitting in aubrees grandmas living room! we keep it cool, and she comes back and then shows us her garden and chats and chats and then we ask to share a message and she is like sure! so we share a message in the book of mormon and she is like i love that wow its just like this scripture in the bible... she tried to find it but couldnt and then we are all looking for it and i found it and she is like YES thats it!!! and we chatted a little while longer and then we had to go but she was like you need to come back sometime because i wish we could chat longer!! what the what??? isnt that crazyyyyy and we had no idea going into that house what would happen! then later we taught one of our YSA investigators and he told us that he knew he needed to be baptized he just didnt know when! so we were super pumped!

Saturday was a busy busy day we had a stake pioneer day breakfast and then we made a list of people who to see i had a wonderful lunch with the honns for my birthday we went out to the only good place in town and we had a blast!  and we got 2 people to go out with us for two separate visit times which was great! some one gave us a giant thing of vermont maple syrup "homegrown" beef and fresh picked green beans. #jackpot we went one lots of visits and then we had dinner. then we taught our YSA investigator again and we set a baptismal date for august 5th. it was crazy he goes so i felt this feeling that i cant describe... and i knew at that moment that i needed to ba baptized!! WHAAAA omgoodness. thats so great! ok peeps this means that i will have a baptism in each transfer that i have been out. isnt that CRAZYYYYY!

sunday my birthday. it was so great and a day full of sugar. we went to church which was long but ight. then we taught a lesson at the coles. we love that family. they are soooo funny. their kids remind me of henry idk why but its just hilarious. sister cole made banana pudding triffles so tasty. then we went to our dinner appointment with the crofts and they made me Kimberly sauce and had a package waiting for me from mom and caity/the fam! it was so great i loved it! and then we went over to the fishers for my birthday party. well we went on a little walk sister d and i tried to catch plenty of wild birds. we failed each time but it was exciting. sister d stalks birds great. then we walked back to the fishers and she invited the whole ysa branch to my party haha so funny so there were like 25/30 people at my birthday party, ysa kids we work with and missionaries. i got some super cute presents from aubree and sister fisher. they sang happy birthday and we had cake and chatted. it was a great birthday! i really felt loved and the people here really take care of me. so that was nice. then we went home and went to bed.
today i woke up and our car was wrapped in wrapping paper and there was a present on top the elders wrapped our car and had a cute card on it. we are #family #inthemission so it was a good day.
i love you all,
write me more letters!
keep it real
sister abby wasden

Week 11

wow this is nuts. for realz tho. so much has happened this week. and lots of interesting things...
so ill start out like usual.

Monday was a good pday we like usual played basketball and it was good. I have started to like playing that game. I feel as though I have accomplished something great when I contribute to me team of elders... that is a sad life. we had a pot luck with the YSA so that was fun

Tuesday we worked on this list we had to make visits and the dinner appointment we had cancelled so I made glazed chicken and it was soooo good!! made me miss home a little though. haha oh well. then we had a lesson with a family whose (new) dad isn't a member and he wanted to meet with missionaries. turns out he has been searching his whole life and went to a lot of different churches but nothing ever added up for him. the rest of the family are members and they had been slowly making changes in their life to get to the point to meet with missionaries and get re activated. anyway we thought we were just going to answer his questions at first but it turned out that EVERY question he had let us PERFECTLY teach the 1st lesson. it was crazy. the spirit was so strong. they live in a home that's a run down trailer dark dingy filled with cigarette smoke and if I didn't know the family I would probably be terrified to be there but as we taught through  the spirit and the spirit was there everything worked out. after that we had a lesson with aubree at the fishers. (the sweet lady that is basically our mother here and works with us more than our WMLs) it went well we talked about the temple and  family and keeping the big picture. her parents are not supportive at all and her dad used to be a pastor of a church that openly bashed Mormons in his sermons and her families current church sometimes the whole sermon is about how bad Mormons are. which is sad. but how ironic that his daughter is becoming one today HA. anyway it was a great lesson and the spirit was so strong. what a crazy part of my life to be able to feel the spirit so strong on such a constant daily basis.

Wednesday we had district meeting and lunch like usual then we went on visits and got a bunch on denials which is okay because people who come out on a mission expecting every experience to be a good one is gonna have a rough time. let me tell you. we just laugh about it. well I do and then the people around me join in. because at the end of the day what else can you do..nothing. its  their choice to accept us and we did our best and tried. it has been my goal to ONLY think positively and have NO discouragement in my life because those two things negativity and discouragement are the devils number 1 tools to bring me down. so I just smile and think what the heck am I doing sometimes and just laugh. I still can believe I am really on a mission. when I do everyday normal people things I sometimes forget. then my tag will hit me or I start singing hymns and im like what the heck?? oh wait im on a mission.

Thursday was weekly planning and we had talks to write our talks because we spoke in the 8th ward on sunday so we were at the library for a little while. then we went out on visits again. meaning we visit less actives. one guy didn't have a shirt on and it was really awkward so he hid behind the door. #lifeofamissionary we had scones for dinner. it must be a western thing to eat chili on your scones. ive had it twice here. its pretty good. but so not healthy at all.

Friday almost ALL our appointments cancelled on us. it was actually pretty funny. this one less active lady we called her the day before to set it up and she was like yes my flu is gone come over tomorrow at 12. so we show up and sees its us and says GO AWAY I AM EXTREMELY SICK! haha she was fine. face full of make up and everything. we were just like what the heckle just happened. and i guess for us its even funnier bc this lady has a lisp and funny accent so it was hilarious. so we ended up making phone calls to get ready for aubrees baptism! we invited so many people so hopefully it will be a good turn out. she needs the support! we also did service with the Spanish sisters for a less active and we painted her hallway! it was fun. i like painting. it reminded me of when dad and i painted my room together with out telling mom and then when she came home she was so shocked haha that was a good weekend.  that night aubrees parents wanted to meet with us to see what she had been learning. so we had sister fisher come along because she is close with aubree she basically went through the same thing when she was younger and its good to have a member with you ALWAYS! so mom go out with the sister missionaries and help! it was an intesnse night. her dad obviously already had all of his answers in his mind and his own beliefs. we taught the 1st lesson to her parents. he had problems with the book of Mormon and didn't know why we needed any more scripture than the bible and he said aubree have you studied this book and you know its true? and you have prayed? and she said yes i have and he said well i know this book is a fallacy and not true. ( but he has never even read it so how would he even know... he wouldn't) and he said i just worry because if you can believe this than you would just believe anything anyone tells you( probably don't put this detailed stuff on the blog) and then he went one to tell us that we were devils disguised as angels and i simply told him that ok that is a valid conern i see where you are coming from. but how can a book that teaches you about Christ and getting back to our heavenly faither and prayer and faith and baptism how could thosebe from the devil? bc im pretty sure the devil wouldn't teach you those things. that's exactly what he Doesn't want us to do. but like i said he already all his thoughts already to say to us so anything we said wouldn't even matter. so i held back A LOT of constraint. and the spirit was so strong. and aubree is so strong. her dad goes we will always love you but we are pretty firm on you waiting and studying it out with us before you make this decision. (and by studying he means showing her TONS of anti Mormon crap) and she said well i am pretty firm about getting baptized on the 14th so i guess we are both pretty firm on that.... and guess what her dad did the next day... made her watch the bible vs the book of Mormon video. she said that she felt sick to her stomach watching that and never wanted to feel that way again. so she can recognize what comes from god and what doesn't. her testimony is so strong. i told her that its moments when i get to see that changes in her life that leaving my home school and family for a year and half make it all worth it. AND she is taking me with her in a year when she goes through the temple, she asked me in advance already if i would go with her! and i will still be on my mission in a year so i get to go with her!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH SO EXCITING.

Saturday we had lunch with sister fisher and talked about the previous night a little more. she made me chicken salad upon request and it was soooo good! just love her! she really is like my mom here. she reminds me so much of mom. then we went on visits again. after that we taught zion a lesson and it was pretty good! he read his assignment but didn't understand it so we went through it again and just talked about moronic 7! our dinner appointment cancelled again so we made dinner on our own. we got ready for sunday and finished our talks.

sunday well as i mentioned so much before we spoke in middleton 8th ward. i talked on how missionary work affects not only the recipient but also the person sharing the gospel. this talk went MUCH better than the YSA talk. idk why but i felt a lot more confident and so many people went out of their way to compliment us and tell us that's exactly what they needed to hear. so that was nice. we had dinnerat the fishers again because we had another dinner appointment cancel. we just amazing fish typical at the "fishers" get it! its always caught by brother fisher and had been swimming the day before haha. we went to this devotional that was amazing all about loving ourselves and not letting the adversary get it there and how everything he puts in our brains is our ego and we need to listen to our heart bc god and the spirit speaks to our heart. it was so wonderful.

Monday well today the Spanish sisters went with us to fishers and we made crepes together and watched a movie for comp study... don't worry it was approved 17 miracles. and now we are going to go shopping and then play sports. tonight is aubrees baptism and we are soooo pumped she is so ready!! i love you all and i hope nobody forgets my birthday...yes my 20th birthday is in 6 days....YOUR BABY SISTER IS GOING TO BE A TEEN NO MORE SO APPRECIATE ME PLEASE PEOPLE... okay love you
sister abby wasden