Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 12

ALOHAAAAA familia,
this week was nuts we had a lot happen.

monday we went shopping in nampa and got ready for aubrees baptism! it was amazing!! president cannon, the 1st counselor in the mission presidency the stake president and the branch president! it was awesome! she was so ready to be baptized and her testimony is so strong and despite all the stuff her family was trying to sway her with she stayed strong. i look up to her for sure for her testimony!

tuesday our first 2 appointments canceled so we felt like failures and then got ready to go on visits with sister mcdonald. there are so many crazy churches here. we saw the fill my cup church and  the way church...

whats wrong with that picture. there is no needed apostrophe. what the what.

wednesday  we had district meeting which is always fun. then we had lunch at the fishers. We just love them:) Then we taught some lessons not super eventful....

thursday we had quarterly interviews with president cannon which went great. he told me i have the best trainer in the whole mission! its true and he said i was a rock star missionary, which is great. we went and saw more people again not anything eventful..we made aubree a painting super cute!

Friday we had a big list of people that the bishop didnt know so we went to go see them and meet them. we somehow ran into aubrees grandma who is completely inactive and wants nothing to do with the church. so this story is pretty funny. this lady welcomes us in in and is so nice! she is like do you want lemonade come on in!? so we are like sure! she makes us lemonade and then had to take an important phone call so we are sitting in her living room and looking around and see all these pictures. and we are like woah that looks like aubrees mom... that looks like aubree.. so we text her and we are like what is your grandmas last name... and it was the same as the lady we were visiting... we realize we are sitting in aubrees grandmas living room! we keep it cool, and she comes back and then shows us her garden and chats and chats and then we ask to share a message and she is like sure! so we share a message in the book of mormon and she is like i love that wow its just like this scripture in the bible... she tried to find it but couldnt and then we are all looking for it and i found it and she is like YES thats it!!! and we chatted a little while longer and then we had to go but she was like you need to come back sometime because i wish we could chat longer!! what the what??? isnt that crazyyyyy and we had no idea going into that house what would happen! then later we taught one of our YSA investigators and he told us that he knew he needed to be baptized he just didnt know when! so we were super pumped!

Saturday was a busy busy day we had a stake pioneer day breakfast and then we made a list of people who to see i had a wonderful lunch with the honns for my birthday we went out to the only good place in town and we had a blast!  and we got 2 people to go out with us for two separate visit times which was great! some one gave us a giant thing of vermont maple syrup "homegrown" beef and fresh picked green beans. #jackpot we went one lots of visits and then we had dinner. then we taught our YSA investigator again and we set a baptismal date for august 5th. it was crazy he goes so i felt this feeling that i cant describe... and i knew at that moment that i needed to ba baptized!! WHAAAA omgoodness. thats so great! ok peeps this means that i will have a baptism in each transfer that i have been out. isnt that CRAZYYYYY!

sunday my birthday. it was so great and a day full of sugar. we went to church which was long but ight. then we taught a lesson at the coles. we love that family. they are soooo funny. their kids remind me of henry idk why but its just hilarious. sister cole made banana pudding triffles so tasty. then we went to our dinner appointment with the crofts and they made me Kimberly sauce and had a package waiting for me from mom and caity/the fam! it was so great i loved it! and then we went over to the fishers for my birthday party. well we went on a little walk sister d and i tried to catch plenty of wild birds. we failed each time but it was exciting. sister d stalks birds great. then we walked back to the fishers and she invited the whole ysa branch to my party haha so funny so there were like 25/30 people at my birthday party, ysa kids we work with and missionaries. i got some super cute presents from aubree and sister fisher. they sang happy birthday and we had cake and chatted. it was a great birthday! i really felt loved and the people here really take care of me. so that was nice. then we went home and went to bed.
today i woke up and our car was wrapped in wrapping paper and there was a present on top the elders wrapped our car and had a cute card on it. we are #family #inthemission so it was a good day.
i love you all,
write me more letters!
keep it real
sister abby wasden

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