Monday, August 4, 2014

week 13

Hey fam bam this week was interesting but good.
monday we had a "hike" it was fun we went up to webers pond and just chilled as a district which was fun! we went back to the church and played basketball! it was a good pday, i got another 3 pointer btw to im getting there with basketball

tuesday we went on visits and met people and then we did service for a older man in his garden, he fed us dinner and everything was homegrown. he made stuffed bell peppers beans mashed potatoes all grown in his garden! it was SO good. then we went out and help pat campbell. she forced us to watch tv again and told us it was a service to have us over to watch tv with her.... but we couldnt be rude so we just sat and tried not to watch haha

wednesday we had a good district meeting and then lunch at the Ah Yous the family from laie they made us sho you chicken and it was the best ive ever had better than papa oles!!! ahhh i loved it we had a lesson with zion and we had a meeting for an upcoming missionary fireside

thursday sister d went to the temple but before that and we exchanged comps we went out to lunch the four of us. the sister i went with was pretty cool we had a busy day oh and i got to drive! man i missed driving... we met with a new investigator and she told us she needs more jesus in her life so that was cool she wasnt happy with the church she was currently going to. they dont preach about jesus they just talk smack about mormons. then we went out to try to see come people but no one was home then we taught a LA about patriarchal blessings and serving missions. then we taught zion. the sister i was serving with was obsessed with one of the YSA kids that joined for the lesson and kept asking me all about him after the lesson. i was like WOAH you are a sister missionary...chill lady. we had a dinner and lesson then we visited with a LA couple and talked about why church is important and about the temple. then we dropped come chocolate zucchini bread off at a part member families house and then i got sister d back.

friday we accidentally scheduled two appointments for the same time.... and couldnt reschedule them and so we tried to find people to go with us. we called like 30 people and finally the last 2 people we called could go. it turns out those were the perfect people bc one was a long lost friend from primary and they had lost contact throughout the years they were born in 1943 so old. and they were shocked that they wer now in the same ward and had no idea well bc one was less active and they didnt know each others married names. but it was cool to see them connect and be so happy to find each other. and the other girl that went with us had work with kids with special needs a lot and the girl we were teaching has special needs so she knew how to help and teach her. then we went to the new investigators house and cleaned it.  then we taught zion another lesson with his mom and the elders and 2 ysa kids about repentance. we had a cute little dinner with a bunch of old ladies who picked some stuff from pinterest and made it haha so sweet,

saturday we did service for donna all morning and then zion had his baptismal interview which was good, we had the best cookies that were actually good for you and were made on the bbq! #totesidaho #theywerecalledcowboycookies then we went to the YSA activity bc there were lots of nonmemebers there. so that was fun

sunday was good, we set up one of our investigators on a date with one of sister ds parma (thats a town) investigators and they picked church to be their date to meet but then ended up spending the whole day together. i wasnt feeling the best so after church we went to fishers and bro fish made up nachos and then i took a nap. we had dinner with her son and his GF it was soooo good we had the best steak ive ever had. #homegrown. then we went to a missionary meeting and then i taught brother fisher how to index! it was so funny... he is a lot like dad but not with technology haha its great. well that was my week. nothing crazy. transfers are next week and i might cry if i leave middleton i never thought i would get attached to a town on my mission but i have worked so hard setting this area up and can see all the stuff thats about to happen and dont want to miss it. but i have this weird feeling that ill get transferred. so sad. middleton is great and i work really well with the people here. love you all soooo much. also you have slacked on emails a little thank you mom dad cami and grandma for emails. and shan for the real letter. you rock the rest are dead to me.
sister abby wasden
ps ive been gone 3 months WHAT THE HECKLE??????????

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