Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 16

first off before i go into this week, here are some thoughts i had while sitting in my 3rd sacrament meeting of the day.
1.we took a survey and a question asked if there was no age change would you have still served, and i said no. i was honest i don't think i would but im glad there was an age change bc i'm out here.
2. we had zone meeting and we all went around and said what our dream career was i was the only one out of 10 sisters that said she wanted to be a mom and then have a career. i was appalled and slightly disappointed in today's future women.
3. its sad because every time someone gets up to the pulpit and they say good morning brothers and sisters i still expect aloha to follow it and when it doesn't i get sad:( i love the aloha
4.i was a little sad with all this back to school stuff because i love going to school but its also weird because i'm pretty close to my 6 month mark and then i will be saying this time next year ill be home... WEIRD.
5. we ended up with 3 new investigators again this week! its so awesome 2 technically arent ours they are boswell and silvas but we are teaching them because they are sitting in on the lessons with their daughter who we are teaching who is in the YSA.
6. i'm 99.9+% sure they are splitting our area next transfer and it makes me sad but idk if i'll even stay haha

OKAY now for my week. so everyday we started out with going to the gym. I LOVE IT. a member owns this really nice gym in middleton so missionaries get to go for free so we get up at 6 and go every morning and its the best. i lifted 55 lbs one day like the bar with 5 on each side. #iwasproud

monday we went hiking in emmett with our whole district. it was fun but we officially have the weirdest zone in the mission. i'm not even joking. we went from the chillest district to the weirdest overnight. #transfers but its all good in the hood then we taught our recent convert zion. he hasn't been to church yet since his baptism. we are sad about it but he can make his own choices he is still reading the BOM and stuff but he had already made plans and his mom runs his life.

tuesday we got to pick all these wonderful things from this old widowers garden because he was out of town. i picked corn right off the stalk. it was pretty legit. #ididntgetthisfarmerstanfornothing #bcimafarmer went went on visits later and then taught one of our investigators. she is moving slower so we only taught the first half of the restoration. then we went to enrichment night about canning with one of our less actives that we are working with, stephenie! she is sooooo awesome! we just love em!

wednesday we had district meeting and i convinced elder schlub to do a gospel rap bc he said he "free styles" its hilarious. its weird to see him in the field now bc he was in the MTC with me. we didn't think we would see each other much but the mission is a small world. WE FINALLY MET THIS ONE LADY IN THE YSA. you have no idea. wow. we knocked her door 3 times a week for 3 1/2 months. and finally we caught her outside and got to meet her. it wasn't as interesting of a conversation as we thought but it was nice to put a name to a face. then we met with one of our relief society presidents and then picked peaches at a members house. also this day mark it in history abby wasden killed 10 flies in 10 minutes. ARE YOU NOT IMPRESSED??????? then later that night we went on visits. #typicalforamiddletonmissionary

thursday we weekly planned love those days. sister d had a package already to send to this super cute elder in japan but then freaked out so i had to chase her around and re-put the package together write the letter and then give it to the mail guy bc she wouldn't but she told me she was sooooo glad that i sent it bc she never would've. (he sent her one 3 weeks ago and she NEVER responded) i told her that was rude and he probably feels 100% rejected. #missionarylove then we went on visits.

friday we had a lesson with aubree and went over the plan of salvation. she was having a hard day and that was the perfect thing because whenever we talk about the plan of salvation it always reinstates the BIG PICTURE. ya know. we visited people and then this story. so we set up this appointment thinking we were teaching a recent convert the new member lessons. but we get there and its her (our new investigator) and her parents all sitting around the table with notebooks and pens to take notes on our discussion. but the lesson went really well. we just taught according to their question and we ended up teaching the majority of the 1st and 2nd lesson. she is golden and i think our next baptism. hopefully for September!  then we taught the becks. we watch the restoration dvd and kevin (the investigator) related joseph smith to moses and that shocked me because he was starting to see him as a prophet! YES!

saturday we went on visits pretty much all day and then went to a baptism with becca our new investigator. she loved it and really felt the spirit.

sunday we have church, obvi, and lots of it. kevin and becca came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome. we also were invited to devin's (kevin step sons) priest ordination. it was so special. he is already saving money to go on a mission! we had dinner and met a family that have over 3000 movies sister d was so shocked that i had seen a LARGE majority of them. i wasn't. do you know who my family and siblings are? i do. #nerds but i realize daily how big of a nerd i really am. and i love it. #therealme we ended the night at the fishers with the spanish sisters and a lesson with aubree.
today we are making sushi and im soooo excited!

sending her package to elder henrie <3 with our best friend at the post office.

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