Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 17

wow. wow. wow.what a week. we are already half way done with transfer three and i can not believe that. this Saturday is my 4 month mark. now that's cray. and after this transfer i will only have 8 left... weird how that happens. its interesting how it can seem like eternity and a blink of an eye all at the same time. i wonder if that how god sees it. who knows, but all i know is that time on the mission is a weird thing. enough about time. well almost. the reason i didn't write yesterday is because we spent the ENTIRE p-day doing service. we moved this lady that had literally nothing done and she was supposed to be out by three but when you have to move a ton of crap and haven't really even started of course it will take longer. and it was dirty of so dirty. one of my compis said do you have a vacuum and the lady goes a vacuum? i have never owned let alone vacuumed a day in my life. :0 wahhhhhh how do people live like that? it blows my mind. she had 8 missionaries there all day and bossed us around so we felt a little taken advantage of. only cool thing was we got to leave the mission boundaries. she called president and put him in a awkward position and basically made him agree to lets us help her move from middleton to star/eagle, so we spent the whole day going back and forth moving her stuff from middleton to star/eagle. so i got to see a glimmer of cami's town 10-6 that's the whole p-day. so we are treating our tuesday as our p-day because yesterday we didn't have any time to shop or email. luckily we woke up early  enough to go to the gym and do our laundry before we left to go do service. so you know how this p-day went so lets back track and i will tell you how amazing my last p-day was!

monday--> we made sushi and had a GIANT sushi party with some missionaries at sister fisher's house. is was soooooooooo good and fun!  then all the sisters did gel nails together because mama fish has a gel nail machine/kit then we joined elders schlub and johnson in a lesson of an investigator we were taking over because she lives in our area. those elders are great for older people but them trying to teach a 12 year old girl was the most horrendous boring lesson of my life. SHE FELL ASLEEP and i almost did. it was just bad. so good thing we are teaching her now because i think we can relate to her a little bit more haha poor elders they tried.

tuesday-->we did district service all morning and cleaned up some old ladies branches she had like a billion trees chopped down and trimmed to we cleaned them all up. then we went to the church building to use the bathroom and it was a WRECK. we were about to have a stake open house there that night and we all could not  bear the thought of bringing our investigators to iNight in a filthy building. so we as missionaries took it upon ourselves to clean the church. we deep cleaned that head to toe. we were a little frustrated that the stake wouldn't have thought to clean the building after a sunday they get so dirty from the youths and children :/ but we made it presentable. we quickly got ready and ate and then headed over to iNight. we were a little disappointed with the turn out because we as missionaries challenged all of our wards and made a big deal about inviting their friends and only 82 people showed. mostly members. i will say tho it was worth it  because all of our investigators that we invited or had asked people to invite came! so that was great! oh and one of the recent converts we have been working with has begged president cannon to let us go to her sealing but he said no so when she saw him at the open house she marched over there to ask again if we could go, it was hilarious. she wants us to go sooo bad and we really hope that president cannon will let us attend but its unlikely. oh well it's the thought that counts right? although i was excited bc i have never been to a sealing before! so that would've been cool.

wednesday--> we had district meeting which was fine/ actually kinda boring with our new district leader. we did telestrations again for our skill check. then the spanish sisters joined us and we helped clean one of our investigators house.  then we went to the becks and retaught L2 or plan of salvation. its hard because kevin has so many questions and they are like deep doctrine questions, they are awesome and you can really tell he is thinking and has a strong desire to know but its hard because as a missionary you are to teach basic principles and i often don't know they answers to his questions fully myself soui feel inadequate to be his missionary sometimes i think wow elder schlub or boswell really knows their stuff they would be much better missionaries but then when sister d said a prayer at a lesson and she said we are thankful for the friendships we have made at the end of the prayer kevin said and another amen to the friendships, sister beck always tells us that we have made such an impact on kevin. he has changed so much from the first lesson already its crazy.  oh and i have an announcement, we have retired from pranking... the APs found out and weren't happy, but in reality i think that president cannon wouldn't have cared that much as long as it wasn't crazy or distracting, i even told him i pranked and he just laughed and said he is glad i can still be myself, i think sometimes missionaries in leadership take themselves WAY to seriously. which is frustrating but like dad said lots of times those called into leadership in the mission aren't because they are good leaders but because they are learning how to BECOME good leaders so i guess like everything else on the mission it's a process.

thursday--> we weekly planned and elders boswell and silva helped us study and find the answers to kevin's questions that we couldn't do on our own. we taught a lesson to the investigator that we just got from the elders and then we went on visits the rest of the day and we got two new investigators!! so that was pretty cool:)

friday--> we did district service and then we went on visits which were pretty good, but not much happened that day

saturday--> was the meridian temple ground breaking so we went to the church to watch it. it was really exciting for us because the bishop took the becks to go to that! we went on visits for a good chunk of the day but it was a little frustrating because we had a bunch on cancellations. we had a lesson with the becks that night and kevin just kept saying wow it was so overwhelming ever since i started studying the mormon religion i have just felt this over whelming feeling ahem *the spirit* so that was neat to see. he really loved the ground breaking and he said it was so powerful there. and it was near for us to see that he is starting to figure it out. slowly but surely the pieces are starting to click together. then we had a lesson with zion and jaren which went well too

sunday--> we had lots of church as per usual we ran into two of the members of the stake presidency [they love talking with me and sister d because we are honest and don't sugar coat things so they get an idea of how the missionaries really feel about things] we told them how we were disappointed and members needed to have the whole iNight more publicized and have more constant reminders. which they agreed with. if those things had been done we would've had a much better turn out i think. we had ward council and that just peeved me because when we said we were disappointed some members just made up excuse after excuse why they didn't attend iNight or why they didn't do much for it. lots of people want to reap benefits with out putting in the work and they don't care about missionary work very much because they think its just the missionaries job. the reality is that saving souls and being a missionary isn't easy and you can think of a billion "excuses" and none of them can cut it because christ could've made excuse after excuse but if he didn't just do what heavenly father asked then none of us would be able to be saved. so the same goes for all those people that don't want to work, yeah sure its not always convenient but lots of things that are hard but worth it aren't convenient you have to go out of your own way to help someone else. okay enough of my rant on that. we had dinner with the fishers and then we watch the testaments with the hallenbecks, it was pretty good not too cheesy. and then i told you all about my monday. so that has been my week.
love you all sooooo much and love getting the mail from you.
okay until next week
peace out
sister abby wasden

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