Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 20

well im not going to lie. this week was HARD i dont think i like change. and i miss my mom (sister d slash my trainer) but my new companion is great. she is understanding so thats good.
monday--> i got my new compi so that was good we played basketball will the middleton missionaries. then we had fhe with the becks!
tuesday--> we worked on jessicas baptismal program. cleaned the church building for iNight visited people and then went to iNight. the becks came!
Wednesday--> district meeting. sister bon bon left and it was sooo sad:( i cried. then we had lessons with a few people and then we went out to dinner with this lady and she talked about the most random things but kept it interesting. then we had another lesson with the becks! love that family! 
thursday--> we weekly planned and had a lesson with jessica at the coles we had another interesting dinner, with an accountant
friday-->typical classic visited people missionary work. and we made a ton of calls for jessicas baptism and continued to show sister wright around
saturday--> JESSICAS BAPTISM it was sooo great:) she was so ready and she knows the gospel:) and i got to see sister d which was GREAT!!!!!!!! so special:) then it was stake conference and a great session about hastening the work.
sunday--> was great stake conference two of my converts shared their conversion stories and it was soooo special!
sorry that this week is so short we just dont have anytime and we have a ton to do. but i love you all dont worry about me!!! ill be fine. just have stretching and growing to do and heavenly father knows i need it
sister wasden

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