Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 18

helloooooo familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
so are you already heard from my email last week, we have no pday really so here is how my week went.
tuesday--> we took a pday and it was wonderful. then we went on visits with sister fisher! we saw some less actives in the YSA and then after dinner one of our investigators was sick so we couldn't have a lesson but she asked for a blessing so the elders came over and  gave her a blessing to get better.

wednesday--> we had district meeting early because we had district service helping a lady move out. she is a realtor and is moving to bear lake utah/logan and she gave me her card and told me to call her when i got home and up to logan and she would hook me up with real estate. #golden we had a lesson with aubree and then one with kevin and then we went to a ward picnic and we saw lots of less actives! there was a great turn out!!!

thursday--> we weekly planned and then we taught a few lessons, the one with dakota (the mentally challenged girl we have been teaching) we colored pictures of a girl being baptized we went on visits with sister lewis and then had dinner and our lesson that night got cancelled. we invited a few less actives to zumba and they CAME! we went to zumba and it was the best work out ever. it was the first time some of our less actives have been in the church for years so it was awesome!

friday-->was uneventful we went on lots of visits and then had a lesson with seth and then we took care of grandma carol while brother and sister hallenbeck were out for the night.

saturday--> we went on visits all day long it was great we got 6 lessons in that day! we worked our butts off. and happy birthday to cami

sunday--> we had church. but it was so sweet because in 8th ward president cole (president cannon 1st counselor also our convert seth's grandpa) he was talking about missionary work and then he said that he was talking with president cannon and they we (sister d and i) were the best sister missionaries in the mission and how the ward needs to trust us with their friends and give us more people to teach because they are so spoiled because they have the best sisters in the mission. we were like ok yeah right. but it was kind sweet to hear. idk if its really true but it was still cool. then we had a new investigator come to the YSA and asked to meet with us so we did and he asked a TONS of questions. we have been trying to get this family in 9th ward to come to church for 4 months called them every saturday and remind them. and yesterday brother colley was thre. at first i didn't recognize him but then i looked again and I RAN OVER TO HIM i was sooooooo excited to see him there! we had dinner and then went home and did numbers. while sister d was sleeping i decorated our room and set her present out so she would have it this morning when she woke up and she freaked out. i got her a ton of hello kitty stickers and she was SOOOO happy. tonight we are having a surprise party for her at the fishers and she has no idea!!!:) we are so excited.
well gotta go! but i love you ALL so very much!
sister abby wasden

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