Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 19

i went to bed last night at 1 and woke up at 5 you can only guess what that means.... transfers. well it was a sad day and a happy day sister dijkwel is now my sister training leader or STL so we get to go on exchanges one day out of this transfer and we are SOOOOO excited for that:) something to look forward to i guess. and i will see her on saturday for.... a baptism we are having! and i will talk more about that later! my new compi is sister wright! she is 22 almost 23 from kaui and graduated from byu provo with her degree in elementary education. she came out just 2 transfers before me so we are pretty close in mission age.
well this last week was a crazy one, we knew that one of us was going who and where we had no clue. i guessed she was going to caldwell stl and i was right!

monday  we had a surprise luncheon for sister bonvissuto because she is going back to temple square on wednesday, her outbound is over and she goes back to utah, so mom you have to go to temple square and look out for her and say hi!!!!! afterwards we went to emmett and played football and frisbee we came back and had fhe with the coles and then had a part of fhe with the becks and our investigator jessica!

tuesday we had a few lessons that day one with zion and an fhe with a less active family and made a lot of visits. then we had a lesson at the becks with jessica and we went over the 10 commandments. everyone was freaking out about one of us leaving and thats understandable ;)

wednesday we had our last district meeting with the daft crunk district. we had lunch and then took district pictures together

we had a few lessons afterwards and then we had an amazing dinner with a family we love! the weiss' she made us challah hallerrrrrrr! but for realsss it was so good and they made lamb with was pretty tasty. she tried to set sister d up with a family friend and it was the most hilarious thing ever. she was so "uncomfortable" she thinks most things are uncomfortable haha they talked in japanese for like 15 minutes so so funny. we went and visited some more people #thatmishlife

thursday we didnt get to weekly plan really because we were taking care of sister ds ticket and she had to take a 1.5 hour defensive driving class so i just sat in the mission office and help the office couple sisters sort things and work for them. it was nice to help them out, it reminded me of my job with auntie anna a little. we came back filled out paper work and had a lesson with a recent convert jordan. he lived wayyyyyyyyy out there like super far it probably look like 20 minutes to get there we had dinner with the fishers, after that we had a lesson with beccas then we had ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!! we had a blast we had some less actives there and they loved it.

friday we made challah french toast. thanks dad. we did our weekly planning today and then we had a few lessons and the one with jessica was so cool! she is teaching herself how to play i am a child of god!!! after we had done a few visits we went to a surprise party for elder schlub. that was probably the weirdest party of my life but a great experience. we got the call that sister d was called to be stl and she freaked out and almost cried. she said noooooooooo it will be soooo hard and i have to deal with everyone elses problems. but she will be GREAT

saturday we had a big breakfast with all the middleton missionaries and listened to the transfer call together our whole district changed and we started to say our goodbyes. we cleaned and started to get sister d all packed up. we had jessicas baptismal interview and then we had dinner at the mcdonalds they are a great family! then we went to visit donna with sister mcdonald and invited her to church. then we came back and continued to get her all ready to go

sunday my last day with sister d. i didnt think it would be hard but it was. we went to 8th ward then had a lesson with zion then we went to ysa and then to zions priesthood ordiantion and then DONNA CAME TO CHURCH!! she came to the 9th ward and it was awesome! afterwards we went and had a lesson at the becks house  and then a lesson with becca and then had sho yu chicken with the ah yous it made me soooo happy. then we had a quick lesson with the coles just love that family! their two year old tristan ran and gave me a hug right when the door opened. made me miss my barlow babies:(  after that lesson we had one last lesson for the day with jessica at the bishops house! it went well and we talked about the primary answers, scriptures prayer and church. yeah they are primary answers but they are the ones that keep us closest and most in line with god. we had one last goodbye with all the missionaries and then we went home and got sister d all ready to go!
well thats about it!
gotta go love you all! WRITE ME!!! :)

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