Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 21

helllooooo, so i guess this is week 21? weird. even weirder that my 5 month mark is TOMORROW what when did that happen?

monday we finally got approved to go to walmart which never happens anymore. lame. but i shopped with sister d because she was there too and we got to laugh and laugh. then we came and quickly emailed because we were going up to emmett and were already late so we had to rush. it was fun we played frisbee, it wasnt the same with most of my good friends gone but i guess i will have to make new friends haha, oh mission life. i am the "matriarch" of middleton right now because i am currently the missionary that has been there the longest. so where as i used to call elder boswell when i didnt know where something in middleton was well now its my responsibility. eh so much responsibility. then we had family home evening with the becks and sister beck planned out the whole lesson on prayer. she did such a good job i was so impressed!

tuesday this was one of those days where you try to see a ton of people but no one is home so we only had like 2 lessons. we made pizzas for dinner with a family, they were pretty good, we taught zion a lesson almost finishing the new member lessons.

wednesday we made cookies for district meeting the ones that are sugar cookies with pictures on them the halloween pictures gotta bring life to those meetings haha we went out to visit this older less active couple they are 86 and 84. so we get there and the old man is like welcome hi how are you! and then he invites us in to this trailer he and his wife are living in on his sons property. so we are chatting and then we ask to share a message, so we shared one about church from the book of mormon, then we invited them to church and they were like oh we go every week at 1 pm where are you? and so then we were like oh what building do you go to? and then they are like oh the kingdom hall downtown, we are jehovahs witnesses what are you? and we are like oh we are members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and then they are like oh mormons yeah we know them, we used to be mormon and so we ask about their conversion and they converted 3 years ago when they were having a really rough time and the JWs knocked on their door and read scriptures and sand songs with them. they had assumed we were from their church because they said the only people that come to see them are JWs it was pretty crazy, they were nice and then they invited us back to chat anytime but they made it known they were pretty strong in their new found faith. it just goes to show that if we as members of the church arent doing our part in home teaching and visiting teaching and inviting all people to everything we will lose our less active members to other places. i think we can get them back but it will take hard work. but that is my crazy story for the week haha. and from my understanding JWs arent allowed to pray with people from other faiths but they let us pray with them so thats good! then  we helped out with activity days, they talked all about missionary work.

i am ALMOST done with the BOM i have 1 chapter left, i decided that i will start over and highlight every scripture about baptism, so that will be cool. we weekly planned then we went out with sister mckee to see some people, i just love her she is so fun and LOVEs to go out with us which makes it fun, sometimes members just feel like they HAVE to go because a sheet is being passed around but when you get people that actually want to help in missionary work you have a blast. we taught becca another lesson and she is getting so ready for baptism she just has to see if her parents will let her because she is 16. i can not even imagine what that would be like, i pray for her all the time that her parents will be understanding.

friday so every journal entry for friday i always end up writing the first part to the friday song by rebecca black. what is life. i just imagine and remember brads friday playlist and that song on it and i laugh. we taught the 1st lesson aka the restoration to a less active lady that wants to become more active! yay! i love that lesson because i always get to remember my feelings i got when i visited all the church history sites over the years. we went on visits throughout the day and then we had a wonderful lesson with the becks. the more we teach things the more kevin gets it. we might have to teach the same lesson 4 different times but he eventually will make it click. then we invited kevin to pray for like the 100th time and he FINALLY said yes. i was so excited i have been taching him for 4 months and he finally prayed!  they are working on quitting smoking and drinking. which is GREAT. he prayed for us the first time in 4 months this week! it was AWESOME. he prayed for the members of the church that he was not YET a part of YET!!!! it was awesome i was just smiling the WHOLE time. i know he will be baptized for a fact one day its just a matter of time. they are working on quitting smoking and drinking and i can already see the blessings in their lives for trying to follows god commandments.

we did service for this guy that i swear is a hoarder is was actually kind of disgusting i dont want to ever be a hoarder. just throw things away people or donate them or something. we had a lesson with zion and then a a lesson with aubree and after that we had a lesson with the coles and seth, always a good lesson. we just love that family. then sister fisher took us out to casa mexico (like the only real restaurant in middleton)   before the womens conference. and oh my that was a great conference i loved that is was all about temples. sad tho that we as missionaries cant really go to the temple but it was nice for it to be the focus, somethings that stood out to me, was when one woman said when we said in the waters of baptism we are looking towards the temple. i loved that! also when president uchtdorf said thath fear doubt and something else are like an umbrella blocking all the blessings god is pouring down on you!  that was helpful i think especially as a missionary.

we had ward council for every ward so that was meeting upon meeting and class upon class but we made it through. we left 9th ward a little early to go invite some less actives to the 9th ward ice cream social then we had some more meetings and then dinner. people in the 9th ward started to think i was a hipster HA no. so then they read the definition of hipster from urban dictionary and i guess they all thought it fit. so i can not escape this horrible accusation. if they even stepped into utah cali or ny they would see 100 billion more hipster-ish people out there. anywho we came home and did numbers and i went to bed and that leads me to here.
well have a wonderful week, i love you all and pray for you always.
sister wasden
your favorite sister missionary in the world.

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