Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 23

aloooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! whats good whats going on? so i bet you are wondering about the subject of this email well, my companion and i were out conatcting people and she rings someones doorbell and it breaks into 5 PIECES it was SOOO funny! luckily they werent home so nobody has to know it was us! but its a good story right?
so here was my week...

monday we played zombies again. the things missionaries do. but you gotta have some fun! my district is interesting but elder schlub is seriously dwight i even have a picture to prove it. i will see if i can send it. i might need peter to do a photo shop job for me haha we did FHE with the coles and we talked about bullying and that its bad and not to do it and it was interesting to see the kids open up and say that they have bullied or were bullied and how they have tried to change! it was awesome!

tuesday we did service for this lady/investigator and she had SO MUCH junk. it was mild scale hoarding but in an apartment that stinks yuck. but we helped her organize ad clean stuff out. we had another new member lesson with Jessica and its crazy she knows so much without us even having to tell her and she is only 12 so thats pretty awesome! we went on rides with sister fisher and met this really fun family from hawaii that has a less active son that we were trying to get to come to the YSA branch! he said that he maybe wants to go on a mission so we are working on that! {[(i had a hard night because sometimes sister wright will say not nice things and i just have to learn to brush them off and move on. something i have learned in the last 4 weeks it to bite my tonuge. she ALWAYS has to be right. and she thinks she know so uch more than me and so if we disagree or she is wrong i just go silent because i would rather know i am right and save a fight than argue with her and have contention. its hard because it happens often but there is no point in arguing with her, at least on the little things. big things i stand up for myself but like the meaningless things suuuuurrrrrre you can be right.)]}

wednesday we had district lunch together then we visited this lady that has bipolar and is really struggling with er self worth and how to apply the atonement. i was gladi h ave had so many experiences in my life that made it possible for me to connect and help her out, even though i have never had to personally suffer from it i was able to share how my loved ones have dealt with it and i knew how to help her feel better. we set a baptism date for one of our investigators but we arent sure her parents will let her be baptized until she turns 18:( but at least she has the desire to be baptized. we saw a crazy lady and sadly she didnt have any super nuts stories this time:( sister fisher made us dinner THAI FOOD and SUSHI! it was so good and i was craving thai bc we never get it here. something i miss about the east is all the diversity. we went to a community apple cider fest it was fun they had homemade donuts a fresh apple cider not the same as the pumpkin blaze or stew leanords but it filled a little hole in my heart for the fall. then we visited a ladt whose excuse for not coming to church is she cant find shoes but in reality i dont think she is trying very hard. she has them in a box in her garage and WONT let anyone help to her to find them. so thats sad

thursday we weekly planned and helped the elders with the zone vision for zone meeting our dinner for about feeding us and went out of town so we fed ourselves and went on rides with one of our ward missionaries she is sooo sweet, sister mckee! she loves to come out with us and we love her coming so it works out great!

friday we had a great zone conference and had a fun lunch at sister drapers! elder schlub did some free style rapping for us #thebest here is elder schlub with a fake mustache.
we talked with a guy whose wife is a member but he isnt and he just loved chatting with us we talked about family history and he just kept going and going. then the family we saw earlier in the week took us out to dinner! and oh my goodness Polynesians talk forever. so i just sat there and listened.

saturday we went to a baptism and i got to see elder boswell! his hair is STILL dyed pink from the color run! he has gotten a hair cut twice!! we had a lesson with a less active lady, we taught the plan of salvation and she asked how do we know we lived with god before here, and we explained it in some scriptures and she asked if jesus was just the savior for this world or all of them and i guess i never realized it but my companion answered and clarified that jesus is the only savior ever. which i dont really understand that but i guess i will need to study that some more... we then taught a new member lesson and then had dinner with the relief society president in YSA and and some other ysa kids then we went on visit with a girl in the ysa who just got back from her mission a few weeks ago! 

sunday was fast sunday and i actually really like fast sunday! even though im hungry i feel like its 100% worth it. we had 3 wards councils and we were SO SO SO SO busy it was crazy it was so cool to see because jessica zion and devin all bore their testimonies and it was amazing, it felt like i was watching my children get up there. after church we taught kevin about tithing and fast offerings and he said he would pay them gladly when he was baptized!!!!! and we went over the baptismal questions and he only has hang ups on the prophets but its okay because i know he will get a testimony of prophets eventually! and then will get baptized! Then we had breakfast for dinner and it was great! we dont get it very often and it is nice when we do so mom keep that up! then we visited a less active family. on our way home we stopped at the fishers and i got to watch the video of alex opening his mission call! WOW PHILLY! what are the odds that caity and brad JUST moved from there haha they will still be close tho to send him things. and SPANISH thats AWESOME! we came home and i went to bed!
well thats about it. i am learning a lot. how to deal with people and get along.     i made a bookmark with sanjays picture so he cant say i never loved him. and here is my selfie for the day. we were taking our zone vision picture and i got bored haha 
well family i am truly grateful for the opportunity to teach learn study and grow everyday even though at times its really difficult but i know it will be the best for me!
love you soooo much!
sister abby wasden

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