Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 22

what the what i can not believe its already half way through the transfer now thats nuts. whats new whats new. um general conference was soooo good! its easier to stay awake as a missionary bc the whole time you are thinking i hope blank is watching right now!
anywho on to the nitty gritty

monday--> i got emails from so so many people. i felt so loved LEX wrote me and this was so great! then when everyone was all together in the downtown building we played zombies. and boy was it fun. its like tag but you turn out the lights and then if youre tagged you are a zombie and you have to act like a real zombie and everything. i have some pretty big bruises bc i tripped but it was SO worth it bc i got some one to be a zombie. gross huh?? ess okay tho. we had FHE with the becks and kevin said that he is opposed to baptism and doesnt feel he is quite ready for it but its something he thinks he wants in the future!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH I FREAKED OUT can you tell????? it was so great.

tuesday--> we made general conference fliers  and updated records we went on rides with sister fisher and then we had another lesson with the becks! kevin really wants to stop drinking and smoking but like any addiction its a process! but that makes me so so so so happy

wednesday--> we had a wonderful district meeting i had the skill check and it was AWESOME. so my wonderful sister sent me photo booth props ina package and so we split up into two teams junior and senior companions and i had random words i found in the BOM and the first team to have had everyone show me the word and then run get a prop and stand infront of the background won and we took a picture it was sooooo fun! we had a lesson with zion then we went on rides with sister weiss and talked to so many people! which was cool. after that we had dinner and the family we ate with owns an alpaca farm so we got to feed and pet the alpacas! Then it was Reginas Baptism sister d and i taught her just as much as the elders so even though it wasnt my ward i still count her so she as my 5th baptism. And it as so special because her son Zion that i taught baptized her! was a cool sight to see

thursday-->we weekly planned and let me tell you that being a missionary is so cool because we get special perks. we got to see meet the mormons and holy heckle it was SO good! everyone and their mother should watch it.we had dinner at one of our ward mission leaders homes and its fun for me because its kinda like being with brad and caity they arent really similar at all but something reminds me of them. i got to pet their cow so that was cool! and i named one of their chickens Phyllis. then we had a lesson with a new investigator it was interesting because she would tell us what she believes and how its different like how she believes moses and christ werent prophets so we asked her who was a prophet and she couldnt tell us what she really beleieved she kept saying i dont know how to explain it i just know it. but in reality its like do you really know it bc the truths im explaining make so much sense and i am explaining them. so that was a long lesson 2 hours. just to get through the restoration. goodness.

friday--> its friday friday gotta get down on friday everybody looking forward to the weekend weekend. my life. we went out and saw some old ladies and we ran into this lady that was having a bad day and she just started balling and telling us her whole .life story so i gave her a hug and then she told us how much she needed us and how its been such a hard year for her. we told her that her heavenly father loved her and was never to far away. we prayed with her and prayers as a missionary are powerful because you can help them hear the things they need even if you dont know all about their life. so that was cool. we had a new member lesson with a kid and his house smelled so bad but i got through it and just taught the gospel. trying not to focus on the stench. we had a lesson with jessica and the coles! i just love both of them!

saturday--> I LOVED CONFERENCE we watched both session ats the coles house the whole time during neil l andersons talk about joseph smith i just kept think uncle jonny needs to listen to this! he need to hear it! we did FHE with a less active  family and the dad finally joined us after going over for months! we played church bingo! we went on some more visits and had a great chat with two older less active ladies and invited them so watch general conference.

sunday--> and more general conference! we watched the first session at the fishers and the second one at the mcdonalds my two favorites or some of them i dont have 100% favs but were M. Russell Ballards and Richard G. Scotts those were sooo good! then we went to a less active ladies house and talked forever and she told us the reason why she hasnt been to church in forever and i think we are making progress on her coming back! (i had a rough time with my compi but i think we are starting to work it out. i hope that i can learn from this and move on hopefully which i know i will eventually. just takes time...) 
and today im writing you!
well i love you all and gotta go. gonna play more zombies!!!!!!!!!! love you
sister abby wasden

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