Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 25

I am sad to say goodbye to Middleton but im so excited to start the next transfer in KUNA! its pronounced cue-nah like a pool cue que idk? yeah its bigger than middleton about 11,000 people so im way pumped! my new compi is sister branham and from Tennessee she is so great!!!
this week was so crazy i had a feeling i was leaving and i was right.

on monday we got permission to go to nampa and it was great. i got to go to TARGET AND COSTCO. we made t shirts for the district and then went to the YSA FHE and carved pumpkins. then we went to an FHE with a family and got a new investigator!

on tuesday we had interviews and they went really well, we came back from nampa and had lunch and then taught a lesson with one of our investigators and invited him to inight! he said he would come! we had dinner and then headed off to inight! we had 3 investigators there it was wonderful.

wednesday we had district meeting and it was my LAST district meeting in middleton. so sad:( we did paper plate awards and then did district service and moved one of our recent converts into an apartment.  we had a lesson with a less active lady and taught her the word of wisdom she said she would quit when the rest of her coffee was gone and just wouldnt buy anymore.... NOT THE POINT but i guess we will settle. we had dinner and then we were going to go on rides but we were at the church and jessica my 12 year old recent convert ran to me and started crying because her family wasnt staying for young women in excellence and she finsihed her personal progress faith just in time to present it. so we decided to stay and support her instead.

thursday we started to weekly plan but then we had a lesson after that sister fisher took us out to lunch to say goodbye to me:( it was so sad i cried! then we made maps for the tracting blitz, we had dinner and then taught the plan of salvation to a family that went well!

friday we had a lesson with becca and jordan i felt so sick after dinner and so we went home and you guessed it i was throwing up ALL NIGHT. i was so sick and my dear compi took care of me.

saturday came around and we listened to the transfer call and im going to KUNA! so excited. we decided i should go out to the tracting blitz bc of my health so i slept and packed. we met up with the other missionaries for lunch and then i had one last lesson with seth aubree and zion, then we went to the stake harvest festival and had a blast. afterwards we taught a lesson to a new investigator that the elders were handing off to us!

sunday. my last sunday in middleton, it didnt feel real and honestly it still doesnt. middleton is all i know but that is about to change shortly. but i am so excited. i said goodbye to people and church and enjoyed the primary programs:) it made me miss NC a lot and all my kiddos. after church we stopped by some people i wanted to say goodbye to. then i had one last lesson with the becks and kevin is done smoking 100% he said he is going to make sure im at his baptism and wants to get sealed in the temple OMG I WAS FREAKING OUT AND THAT MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! afterwards we had dinner at the Ah Yous and they made me Shoyu chicken! then we made visits and i saw some more people to say goodbye to! we came home and i packed!
i gotta go because have to go to walmart and stuff but i love you all so much!!!!!! have a great week and i will chat with ya next week! write me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sister wasden

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