Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 26

to all you who thought i wouldnt make it this long or wouldnt go, myself included, i can say that i am a third done and will be home in less than a year WHAT? thats unreal. okay so the deats on kuna
its a lot bigger than middleton 10000 more people. and 2 stakes our ysa covers both stakes so we have HUGE boundaries so thats cool. i love my companion we get along super well and literally laugh 100% of the day. and we teach well together. i really miss middleton some days and just wish i knew everything and everyone including their stories and family trees but it will come eventually kuna is a lot slower than what i left but im excited to make it BOOM AND EXPLODE with baptisms ! ummmmm well lets get started with my week

monday---> TRANSFER DAY WHAT? shopped moved unpacked emailed ate pita pit yum and taught a lesson so that was good. and omigosh its cold. yuck.

 tuesday--> we met a crazy lady who thinks robbers live in her attic and rob her every night. so that was cool. then we did service which is pretty much all we do in kuna but that cool gotta help a brother out. everyone here loved the previous sister which is good but we are different. she was very soft spoken and thats not me haha so hopefully change will be good! we had kunas version of iNight they call it "meet the mormons" and they had a great turn out so thats good! oh my goodness my new district leader is so funny its ridicuolus but he isnt trying to be. he loves dungeons and dragons magic the card game and everything else nerdy. he is currently writing a book series and but me and sister branham is as characters so thats cool. he told me that i am a nerd and he is a geek and he one day hopes to be a nerd like me to be smart. so that was funny.

wednesday--> district meeting with out "district over lord" said in a snape voice or so thats what he calls himself. we had a rental car and had to go to nampa to switch back to our chevy cruze from the shop afterwards we went to service and i got paint ALL over me in my hair and clothes and then one of the elders thought it would be a good idea to paint me and my companion... so we have painting clothes now... thanks elder christensen. then we went to a baptism that one of the elders was having it was cool i love baptisms.

thursday--> so we were supposed to weekly plan but guess what we did ALL day instead.... service #ohhhhkuna then we stopped by this ladys house and she gave us fresh apple cider! it was awesome and then we had dinner and a meeting with our Kuna 1st ward WML and let me tell you he is GREAT an awesome ward mission leader super active and wants to help. i cant wait to to really work hard here

friday--> HAPPY HALLOWEEN! we weekly planned and then we did MORE service!! and then we visited some people and we had to be in early so we did face masks and wrote letters:)

saturday--> it rained ALL day and we taught a lesson in the morning and then we did service the remainder of the day and burned the trash pile. we had to teach a 60 the law of chastity who is currently breaking the law of chastity so that was awkward a little bit. we had stake conference and they talked about member missionary work and i was a little sad because the example they used they didnt credit full time missionaries AT ALL they actually said how it was mostly the members who taught them basically everything. they didnt talk about the need to help the missionaries just to be good neighbors. so that was dumb. we went to bed

sunday--> was stake conference president cannon came and that was cool. after that we went out and taught some investigators and less actives we had dinner and then taught more lessons so that was good! we came home and went to bed:)

so that was my week we are going shopping today and playing so it will be fun i will send some pictures and everyone better send me mail. okay love you all!
Sister Wasden
ps my outfit caity and i put together is the last one

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