Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 24

OMGOODNESS IT GETS SO COLD HERE!!!! It was 41 degrees when we woke up to go to the gym this week:( i already whipped out my sweaters. YIKES.

Monday--> we carved pumpkins! it was so fun! So i made a cool connection during my personal study. I have been frustrated because i felt like i have had responsibility role a lot of my life and i just wanted to be "taken care of" and not necessarily take care of anyone else which is stupid. but as i was reading my patriarchal blessing i counted the time it said either"be mindful of this great responsibility" or "you will be responsible..." and it was 6 times. so i just accepted that i will have to be the responsible one or take charge for whatever reason and i should just accept it instead of wish to have a lesser role. these are the roles that god has given me for whatever reason and i should just learn to be the best i can be.

tuesday i got a hair cut/ trim nothing big. we had a lesson with out new investigator in the YSA we never know how interested he is but he keeps setting up times to meet with us and he will ask a really insightful question everynow and then so thats been cool! Sister Cole made us Tikka Masala and home made Naan and it was SOO GOOD! i have missed ethnic or inside joke for our family" the element" food a lot! you dont get very much diversity in idaho....

Wednesday--> we had a good district meeting and played a fun game about leaving and making commitments with investigators we had a few other good lessons and then someone dropped us dinner off at our house because they forgot so we got to eat at home which was kinda nice actually. we went on rides with sister fisher and then we came home and got ready for bed

thursday-->we weekly planned and then taught a lesson to a lady who used to be jehovah witness and now non denominational but wants to learn more about us. we taught the plan of salvation and she was brought to tears. i think she knows its true she has just been brainwashed over the years from all the different faiths. she has a hard time accepting christ and moses as prophets bc it doesnt say specifically in the bible and they were prophets. i was like WAHH?? if moses wasnt a prophet who is!!!! but she is trying to let her guard down so she can accept what we are teaching her.sister fisher made us halibut for dinner with mango salsa it was really good

friday--> it was a sad day grandma carol left to go back to california! but she said she would write us and i told her to find the sister missionaries there and become their friend!  I sent mom her birthday package. we had a busy day we had 3 back to back lessons in 2 hours. i was exhausted. then we went straight to dinner, then to rides and then a meeting. so it was a busy non stop day. i slept well that night

saturday--> we had a meeting with the 9th WML and then we stopped by donnas and had a quick lesson then we met up with the missionaries of middleton to have our first tracting blitz! i loved it! all the missionaries tract out one companionship's area for 2 hours. we rocked it! we taught 9 lessons gave away 3 pamphlets 8 phone number cards and a book of mormon and got them one golden investigator! it was so legit! we are doing our area next week and we are so excited! then we all ate lunch together and discussed who we saw and our success im not a big fan of tracting at first and then i get into a groove and i really like it. we had a "code" word penguin and who ever used it most got the most points we won! after the blitz we taught the gospel of jesus christ to a less active lady. it went well and she is really starting to learn so much about the church she had forgotten. we had dinner and then we had a lesson with a previous do not contact. she was soooo nice! she has a testimony and reads her scriptures and prays but she just doesnt see the need for church attendance... well okay? but she invited us back again to chat and share a message.

sunday--> we had our early 7 am meeting and folks you would be to proud of me i woke up at 6:45(call me a sinner i dont care) got ready in 5 minutes and i actually LOOKED decent and was on time to the meeting. #missionaryskills then kevin was in church! YAY! and we had an kid come to the YSA who just wanted to learn more that wasnt a member so that was cool. then we taught a lesson at the becks and KEVIN QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy! i can see the blessings in their lives as he is trying to live the word of wisdom and follow gods commandments! it makes me sooo happy!!!!  then we had a great dinner with the lady who has a food blog so we were spoiled! shout out to sister gunnell! her blog is called she is feeding us after the tracting blitz on saturday and we are sooo excited!!!!!!! then we taught the gospel of jesus christ again for like the 10th time this week and both my companion and i thought we both needed it more for us than the people we were teaching. we needed to better use and know how to use the atonment in our own lives. im not going to lie. this transfer hasnt been easy. but i will admit i have learned A LOT. about me and how i want to be a person. a lot of working on myself trying to be more obedient or christ like or a better companion in general. but its been good for me as hard as it might have been. transfers are next week and so is my 6 month mark. nuts huh? raise your hand if it feels like ive been gone that long. (im totes not raising my hand btdubs)
well i love you all sooo much
also dont forget about me and the snail mail i mean come on send me some love please!
#dontforgetmeplease #dramatic? #probs
sister wasden

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