Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 27

waaaaazzzzzzz upppppppppppppppp??? so kuna is pretty great. im sad about leaving all the people in middleton and worry if they are progressing or regressing but what can i do. just write them. and now i am here to serve the people in kuna so its all good.
seriously guys mail. i got 5 letters this week and it was glorious all from none of you. previous companions and such. oh i FINALLY got caitys letter tho. YAY! took 8 days to get here. WHYYY?? and i never got the thing cami said she was sending from hawaii....:( did caity ever update my blog a bunch of people told me that needs to be done so idk i guess my readers are really wanting something new. i mean you could say im pretty much the most popular girl. raise your hand if you get the reference i cant see who did that but i will just trust that you got it.
so my week was pretty great. for realz.

monday we played in the gym and emailed and taught a lesson to a less active family. then we came home and made brownies with nuts in them for elder short the car coordinator you know incase we ever go over miles... hey remember when we made you your favorite brownies??? yeah we got this down. the elders came by and picked them up to take to elder short in the morning.

tuesday we walked a dog maggie for exercise we got ready and visited a lady and helped her clean and get her kids ready for school. she was telling us all her marriage problems and such and i thought why do so many people tell missionaries their WHOLE lives. but i just listened and helped. we taught lesson 2 (plan of salvation) to one of our YSA investigators and his fiance. we invited him to be baptized and he said we would pray about it. and he says bapdititized its so funny! we were driving by this fruit stand and the guy looks ysa age and everytime we joke about help lets go teach him. but this time we said sister branham actually pulled over AND WE GOT OUT AND TAUGHT HIM! it was crazy we talked about god and taught the restoration and gave him a book of mormon and he said he would read it because he just finished his other book and he had nothing better to do. so we will go by this week and see how he is doing. we had dinner witha fun family and the mom was a nanny in WESTPORT CT when she was in college so she knew right where i was  from. i actually hate it sometimes because people when they know where you are from automatically judge you. like oh thats the rich part of ct and i have no idea how to respond i didnt live like what they think most people in new canaan live like but they are right it is the rich part of ct. and so then they automatically think you are a spoiled child that they nannied. so i just try  to prove them all wrong that im normal!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i did a good job. because i am pretty weird you know. we quickly dashed over to meet the Mormons (an open house like deal) it was sad only 20 people were there. 10 were missionaries. and 1 was a nonmember. come one kuna you can do better than this!!!!!

wednesday was a slower day. some appointments cancelled on us and we spent a huge part of the day trying to find some ysa kids. we chatted with a lady who was having a rough life and shared some scriptures with her. we came home and did records.

thursday weekly planning!!!!!! boom roasted i love this day. we did service for this old couple harvey and dorothy and they told us how tey met they are in their 80s and hard core seventh day adventist and harvey loves to tell us what they believe its so funny. but they love when we come over and talk our ears off for hours and we are laughing the whole time. we came home ate and finished weekly planning. we saw one of our investigators and committed him to stop smoking we said we would stop eating candy and desserts except for once a week if he would stop smoking he agreed and its been hard sister branham has a candy addiction but we are helping each other out.and this deal means we dont have to eat desserts at members homes! YAY! except for sunday. we had dinner and then  we got a referral from the spanish elders of a less active. so we went to go see him. it didnt go very well but we had a part member family accross the street so we decided to go try them. that morning we prayed to be an answer to someones prayer and boy was that the case. this lady has been struggling with deciding to come back to church her husband is persuading her to go to his church which is a big anti mormon materials producer so thats not good. and her daughter wants to keep going to the mormon church. she is using a different version of the bible and doesnt believe joseph smith could be a prophet if her version of the bible sayd no man can see god and joseph smith said he did. so she is really struggling with that. we spent 3 hours there helping her. she said we were the answer to her prayer and she would pray about what we said. it was rough and we were drained none the less.

friday we met with the stake president to talk about how we could better work together to better our area. he made me take a picture by the ute flag and sent it to dad it was pretty funny. then we had a great zone meeting about the importance of the book of mormon after that we saw some more people and saved some more souls. the usual

saturday we did service for a potential investigator and were there all morning it took forever we were helping her move. we saw some more people and then contacted a referral it was super dark and we were getting directions over the phone because we dont have a GPS and we didnt realize but we were SO out of our area and zone haha we were almost in the middle of nampa. but we invited him to church and he CAME! we came home and did records. #classicmissionary #thatmishlifetho

sunday  we had a great sunday we had ward council and then the ysa and the kid we contacted came! we went to the family ward 1st ward and talked a lot about missionary work  we taught 3 investigators lessons and had a fun dinner afterwards we taught a less active lady about the importance of service in the church and we realized that if everyone said ehhh i dont want that calling there would be NO CHURCH to go to and no one to learn or teach from. then we got a personal invite to have homemade ice cream at president cannons house WHATTTT?? that has never happened before!! he invited our whole district to come over and just hang out chat and eat home made ice cream. it was awesome and we were the first to ever do that! we have the coolest mission president! we came home and did numbers and guess what WE DOUBLE OUR NUMBERS FROM LAST WEEK! last week we had a low low low 12 lessons but hey jack this week we had 24 son!!!!!!!!!!!! it was great #hardwork

so yeah that was my week. pretty great im excited for thanksgiving and christmas its just around the corner. and not like im counting or anything but 44 days until we get to skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)
love youuu alllllll
sister abby wasden

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