Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 28

oh boy ill tell ya. ITS FREAKING COLD HERE. IT HASNT BEEN OVER 32 DEGREES IN A WHOLE WEEK. mostly between 0-7 degrees everyone says oh you should be used to this... um doesnt mean i like it. and i think west coast cold is worse than east coast cold. also people here dont ever plow the roads they just let it pack down and become GIANT sheets of ice. not to mention this is the first time ever my companion has driven in snow haha its hilarious. she LOVES all this snow. she woke me up " SISTER WASDEN LOOK AT ALL THE SNOWWW! also i have been very ill this last week i had a cold so much of the week. i think the storm came so i could rest and get better. but thats just me. so i guess i will tell you my week now:):)

or as we like to saw PDAY we played baseball and volleyball inside we have a good zone because the majority of us are dorks and dont care what other people think. we raced to get our shopping done. the zone leaders were having a rough day so we got them some funny presents and dropped them off at their house on our way home. then we taught a part member family about the importance of prayer and why it was important the Joseph smith prayed. it was good.

a set of elders said they needed help at service cleaning, and we get there and its spotless. the guy wanted us to dust everything. so we did. he lost his a wife a number of years ago and needed help. then we helped organize cans at the Methodist church food bank. then we visited some of our ysa investigators. sadly they ARENT KEEPING THEIR COMMITMENTS. it was sad but we will keep working with them. more and more. we did rides with a ysa kid and she accidentally locked her keys in the car haha so we had to drive her home to get her keys:)  we taught a part member family about eternal marriage idk what their thought were but i think it went well...:)

ohhhh district meeting with the district over lord or thats what he calls himself. i had skill check and did telestrations again and as usual EVERYONE loved it. we went out to lunch and then we taught a recent convert the plan of salvation. we stopped by to see an investigator(kinda) and talked outside his door for an hour. boy it was cold but it was good. we gave him homework to read alma 32 on faith. we got a snack and then went to visit another investigator. she is in her 80s and is scared to get baptized she has been taking the lessons for yearss. then we came home quickly ate dinner and went on rides with sister myers (the lady we live with) we saw a few people then came back home and found a song to do for zone conference sister cannon asked us to out a special musical number together.

it snowed like CRAZY we got over a foot of snow. eh. i was sick at my worst in attempt to save miles we walked around our neighbor hood and it was so cold. alas no one was home. we saw our old seventh day Adventist couple and talked about the law of moses and how it was fulfilled and so we can eat pork and the sabbath is on sunday but they believe very different things that gods laws never go away so you have to ALWAYS follow them. he is funny tho kinda like grandpa bartels we saw some more people we came back at night and planned because it wasnt good to drive at night. oh and i FINALLY got my letter from zach and brazil!!!!

we helped the other sisters with service and then we had choir practice with our little group for the musical number. we had dinner and then walked over to a less actives house and had a good chat lesson. i finally finished the whole book of the power of everyday missionaries its such a GOOD BOOK AHHHHHH.

we made elder adamek cookies (the pianist for our song) because its been a rough practice and then we delivered them they loved them! we had lunch with our ward mission leaders house and then we had another new member lesson. we got a call from a potential investigator and she was frantic needing help moving so for a few hours we a got 12 missionaries together and helped for a few hours.  in the cold.

went to church then tried to see some people but a few werent home and some were. we had a good lesson and dinner and then we practiced our song with the missionaries again. its going great!
well i gotta go its been a good week and this letter has taken FOREVERRRRRR okay ttyl! love you all
sister wasden

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