Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 29

first off big thank you to mom for her wonderful package. it made my week. and those tights are so soft and i love my shoes they keep my feet soooooooooo warm. so thats been nice. and i love all the pictures that you sent of the house they look so great now i need the basement pictures!! i cant wait until the living room furniture is done!
okay for my week,

Monday we played soccer in the snow and had a big snowball fight with a bunch of missionaries it was pretty funny.

tuesday we saw some less actives and then we visited with one of our sweet investigators. we went on rides and saw a few people then we had dinner and raced over to the meet the mormons (the open house they do) and then the zone leaders dared me and sister Brahman  to eat hot peppers if they did so we all ate hot peppers it wasnt that bad. #challangeaccepted

wednesday we did service all morning helping this lady clean her house and then we raced to our practice to sing our song for zone conference then our kuna choir went to lunch we saw a bunch more people nothing too interesting just #savingsouls

thursday we had an awesome SUPER AWESOME zone conference but for reals it was great we had a great musical number and awesome trainings. i bore my testimony and realized that i really know how to get the courage to listen and act on the promptings of the spirit which is pretty cool. it was so long though. 8:30-5:30 woah.

friday we saw MORE less actives and then i got my wonderful package from mom and it was SOOOO GREATTTTTT ahHhh! we did our nails with our new polish while we weekly planned. then we saw our ysa investigator it gets frustrating when people come up with the stupidest excuses ever as to why they cant pray read or go to church. really like oh i have to feed my chickens. WILL THAT TAKE ALL DAY? i just want to yell SATAN IS DISTRACTING YOU but i dont. that wouldnt be good, we had an awesome dinner it was sooo good!!

saturday we got a call to do service so we helped a lady move in. we had lunch with our ward mission leader and his family. we taught some investigators about family history we went on rides with an awesome sister and we had some great visits.

sunday we had a punch of ward councils well 2. we saw 2 investigators and beat our weekly goal of 20 lessons by 1 yeahuhhh!!! so 21 lessons!

ummmmm yeah i think thats about it
love you allll
sister wasden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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