Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 30 (!)

So i would have some great pictures for you...but i would forget my camera at home! so sorry!! this week was great, i was a little homesick because i wasnt with family or in hawaii or at home. so that was a little hard but my companion and i talked about traditions we had so it was a little better. so my week!

MONDAY i helped sister branham apply for colleges which took forever but it was good. it made me miss byuh so much bc she was applying there! then we went to a part member families house for dinner and family home evening and we made sushi! YUM i LOVE sushi it was great. and i learned a really cool magic trick with cards. i will get perfect at it and then show you when i get home in 11 months.

TUESDAY i actually exercised this morning! its so hard when its cold:( we tried to visit a bunch of people but no one was home. so we went home and had lunch. then we saw a less active who really struggles with the fact that there is one true church and we are trying to get her back. so we visit and share messages with her. but we think she was smoking again bc her house wreaked of pot soo that was just lovely. it is interesting the things people use to self medicate instead of turning to the gospel that they KNOW makes them happy. sneakkkyyyy satan. we went and contacted a referral and apparently she wrote about the sweet sisters that stopped by on facebook so that was cool!!:)

WEDNESDAY we had a good district meeting and then we saw our old seventh day Adventist couple. they are like grandma and grandpa b in their 80s and HILARIOUS if we dont come over by Thursday in the week they call and check in to see if we are ok! its so sweet.  then the zone leaders came over and killed the turkey for the family we live withs thanksgiving. president myers told the elders he had service for them and made them killed pluck and gut the turkey it was kinda gross but reminded me of the time peter killed the turkey in our back yard haha nothing i hadnt seen before. i helped plucked a few quill feather things. funny story, i thought it was sneezing when it was throwing up dying and i go look guys its sneezing! and then they all go nooo sister wasden its gagging because its DYING! oh how innocent i was. we had a good talk with one of our investigators and talked about the things he needs to do to get back to coming closer to christ. we came home later that night and made daddies apple pie for thanksgiving.

THURSDAY thanksgiving all morning we visited people guessing they would be home. it was a miracle becaise we tried a part member family that is never home and they invited us in for DINNER!!!!!! we had a great chat so that was good. we went home to have dinner with the myers and my pie actually turned out pretty great. afterwards we met up with some missionaries and played board games until it was time to go home .

FRIDAY we weekly planned and had a meeting with our ward mission leader and then we had a lesson with some investigators that are taking it super slow but progressing.  then we had a long chat with a less active and he gave us some magnets that he made that im sending home today.

SATURDAY we did service all day we helped an investigator put up her christmas tee and then moved horse chip food stuff around horse stalls #cowgirl

SUNDAY we took over the second and third hours to talk about the #sharethegift FAMILY IF YOU ARE NOT GIVING THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS SHAME ON YOU YOU NEED TO BE THE ONES HELPING MISSIONARIES! i expect all those pass a long cards to be given away to people in your ensigns. ASAP. we taught some lessons and one of our investigators has been taking the lessons for YEARS and it seems like she is REGRESSING. so when we left we were really down because all the members are like you two need new investigators and its like ok yeah you are telling me why dont you go out and invite your friends because we are working out tails off trying to find people and are having NO success and you are doing nothing and wont help us out. its really frustrating. but we decided that obviously God doesnt want that for us right now because we are doing what we are supposed and our time will come, eventually. its hard but good for me to have to fully rely on the lord and see that i need to learn patience because that is definitely what im learning. i gotta go because sister fisher is taking us out to lunch YAYAYAY so excited!!! love you all! and happy birthday to grandpa b! also the duck dynasty holiday cd has been on repeat for DAYS its great thanks mom. well i love you all and pictures to come next week!
sister abby wasden

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