Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 14

so this week has been good. i have had my up and downs i will be honest. but its nothing i cant handle i will SURVIVE! #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #imnotdeadyet so here is the weekly update I have a confession to make... im still the same old abby because i prank like a boss. we are a horrible combo because ithink of the craziest ideas and sister d is crazy enough to do them. so alas we prank all the time. we dont plan them they are random so we prank when we find time its not distracting dont worry.

monday was BOMB we went to a members house that had this giant slip and slide... dont worry for all who are worried and are telling me to be obedient.... i am... we got it approved ok! so we we down this 50ft slip and slide and it lands in this tiny pool it was soo cool! one of the best pdays so far. we went to the colse again for FHE
so to back track a little a while ago we got some elders to place a homing pigeon in our ZLs bathroom while they were out. that was one of the funniest pranks we did. they were like WHAT THE HECK there is a bird in our house! so it was a classic. so on our way home from FHE we see a road kill chicken all there so i say how funny would that be if we put it on the DLs door step so sister d stops the car and picks up the chicken and puts in in a bag and puts it in the car... it was soooo gross. but we got caught trying to do that(put it on the DLs doorstep) so we talked them into helping us put it on another set of elders door step, the ones who let the air our of our tires so they deserved it also the elders that helped us put the pigeon in the ZLs apartment) we left a note on the chicken framing the ZLs...i covered my tracks. it was classic and no one knew it was us for a while.

tuesday wasnt very eventful but we had a great lesson with our investigator kevin who is married to a LA who really wants to get active and make it to the temple. she is such an inspiration, but really tho her son is getting ordained a priest next week and asked that we come and be there for that. it was so special they attribute their want to come back to church to me and sister d but i know that the lord had been preparing them for a long time. but kevin the non member is cool very nice he used to be a drug dealer so he told me if i ever wanted to know what any drugs were like just ask him because he used to deal em. #mishlyfe

wednesday we had such a fun last District meeting with "todays district"  and i had the skill check we played a spiritual version of telestrations, my idea #classic elder olson gave a great training and we did paper plate awards and transfer predictions. one of our lesson get cancelled last minute and we didnt have enough time to go home so we had these ugly dresses from DI and went to the spanish sister apartment and hid all their clothes except for the horrid dresses. it was funny then we had a good lesson with seth our recent convert

thursday we woke up to a bunch of crap on our car from elders boswell and olson #typical and we cleaned our car and got them back... we weekly planned and then one of our relief society presidents took us out to all you can eat sushi and fro yo. i ate too much. but it was sooooo good. i met one of rachaels bffs from BYUI because he is marrying by RSPs daughter.

friday  our lesson with kevin went horrible because he had been drinking before we came over.  i planned a hypothetical trip to midway to go boating and shooting but then olson called to check in on me and he talked about how i need to just laugh at everything and to sleep it off. so true. #wordsofwisdomfromolson another word of wisdom he gave me was laugh at everything except the gospel that struck me because i realized i really do need to just laugh at it all and then when it comes down to the gospel take it seriously and work hard as heck.

saturday we had breakfast with olson and johnson at he fishers while we listened to transfer calls. btw WE ARE BOTH STAYING im happy about that, we have so much work to do here. middleton is one of the best areas in the mission. we helped out at the clothing drive and then had lunch with aubree and mama fish. we went on a lot of visits after and were pooped and didnt have a dinner so we went to fishers and made cookies for the elders that were getting transferred. but we had to prank too  so we got flat rate boxes and filled them with cow poop and then put tissue paper on top so when they opened it they would grab cow poop. it was GREAT and we had the sender be from a sister that olson and johnson cant stand hahahaha so funnyyyy. but tey were joining us in a lesson with zion and his mom so we had boswell and briminy drop off the package during our lesson. again we always get other involved.  but we had a good lesson about temples.

sunday we ahd church and then we had dinner at fishers , we gave johnson his GPS back. sister d pointed out why i am such an anomaly. i had an amazing 1st district, im on my third tranfer with my trainer, i have shotgunned an area, i have had a baptism for every month ive been out. my ZL became the next AP I have had a ZL who went home (honorably it was the end of the 2 years) my companion is convinced i am a seasoned missionary because i am realistic and i never had that greeny high where you think you will teach and baptize everyday but somehow that became the reality. i often wonder why god has given me these experiences why am i so spoiled to have had these experiences. sometimes i think am i going to get sick and go home early so god is making it the best it can be before that time? am i going to have a horrid time the rest of my mission? am i being shown the blessing of making the step to actually just get out there and serve? i dont know any of the answers... but all i do know is that i do have days where being a missionary is the last thing i want to be doing, but i love it. i love teaching and sharing the gospel, i think of the blessing that god has given me and i think one of them is teaching, it comes natually to me and over all i can connect with people i just need to multiply my talents like in the parable. i am happy and i am still be which is what i was scared of. i still get along with everyone, im still a prankster and i am a child of god.
well i need to go shopping.... for groceries geezzzz people i know what every single one of you were thinking. love you all
sister wasden

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