Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 15

so well well well family. whats going on?? this week was good.
Monday we wanted to scare fishers goats but somehow they are smarter than we think. we tried for hours. but took breaks. the spanish sisters moved in with the fishers and so the elders and me and sister d set up their beds and apartments. i used the coolest drill that hammers and drills at the same time. sister fisher made us smoothies and we played basketball. we went to the coles for FHE #typical

Tuesday we had to make the programs for zion's baptism and worked on ward directories we went on visits with aubree our new convert which was great and then we for ready for zion's baptism. it was great, we had over 100+ people and we had 3 investigators there! we had a reunion of my 1st district. it was so sweet one of our less actives we have been working with bore his testimony about us and how we've helped him and how he knows the gospel is true and he doesn't believe in coincidences anymore. its was cool. a very special experience. 

Wednesday we ate as a district at garbanzos, we filled our day with visits and taught the becks with sister fisher, kevin beck said he would come to church soon!! score

thursday we weekly planned and made zucchini bread and summer squash bread.  then we went out and delivered to less actives and investigators. we had a lesson with the elders with regina and zion which went well.

friday we went to the gym and it felt great ! missionaries get in for free! then we had a great zone meeting about our expectations. we went on visits and then retaught lesson one the restoration to the becks bc kevin needed it. we helped make jam! the ZLs found a dead fox and they put it on elder johnson and schlubs door step. too funny. they still don't know it was us.

saturday we went to the gym again. SUCCESS. we made lists and directories all day and sorted them on excel. it's helpful but took a while. shout out to elder silva's mom! everyone, i became famous! one of the elders in my district's mom reads my blog and i met her the other day it was sooo cool! we had a lesson at the coles' and then we stopped by the becks! i love summer here because EVERYONE GIVES YOU SO MANY VEGGIES AND FRUIT FROM THEIR GARDEN.

sunday we had church from 9-4 so it was long. we were so hungry, we had chips and salsa during 8th ward council. we taught in every meeting other than sacrament meeting and we were exhausted. then we went to dinner at the mcdonalds' house and we chatted! it was so fun!

well that's all for now, not much to say this week. well i decided i need to write a book. i have lots of words of wisdom. my comp was having a little hard time and thinking too negatively and i said we need to look at ourselves of who we will be and want to be not as we are because we will always be negative about ourselves now bc we aren't perfect we can always improve but  we need  to flip those negative thoughts and think about how we will be as we work on our problems #abbywisdom.
well love you all
sister abby wasden

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