Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 47

woah woah woah i am 11 months old today. (in the mission) its so weird i feel like i just got here but at the same time that i never really lived any other life than mission life. idk its a a strange feeling. and there are only 2 weeks left in the transfer. time FLIES by.
monday was a good pday we got lunch at freddys and got paid for! :)we played sports the usual, i think im getting better at basketball. maybe. we are getting tshirts made for our district so thats exciting they should be done this week! after pday was done we contacted a do not contact because no one knew why she was a DNC. well it was so crazy because we just stopped by and told her we wanted to get to know her and she broke down and told us this super personal story about how the church has helped her family so much and before she would just shut the door in our face but bc she has seen how the church has helped her family she wants us to come back!!!!!!! it was so cool:) oh it was super awkward tho because when we were out walking around the neighbor hood going to see people there were 6 JW companionships, they tracted out our WHOLE ward boundaries this last week so everyone thought we were the JWs most certainly NOT we like holidays.
 tuesday we saw a few people and planned for our tracting blitz and then we had a meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader going over the 2015 goals for the ward and talked about the tracting blitz
wednesday we had another zone meeting that went over the new easter video #becausehelives and talked about how we can use it and share it in missionary work go to: AND SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE! i had a doctors appointment after and i am mostly healed my sinus infection gone so thats good! we had more work to do planning the blitz so we finished that too! its a lot of work boy ill tell ya
thursday we got a call and this lady needed help with the ladies 55+ luncheon bc no one in her would could help so the sister missionaries to the rescue it was really fun old ladies are CRAZY tho. and super picky. i want to be a sweet old lady not a grouch. we weekly planned after and then had to stop by president and sister cannons to pick up our box of cards for the tracting blitz and got to chat with them for a little bit. i have to admit it is pretty fun being in heir ward you get to see them a lot more than usual!
friday in the morning we went to help a family move in and the son wouldnt let us help bc we were sisters and told us to talk to him mom. so we did? it was weird but we found a ton of anti things printed off the internet, there was this ridiculous quiz "how well do you know the book of mormon" and all these questions that had nothing to do with the BOM and were all just dumb misconceptions ppl have about our church it was so dumb. we saw this less active guy and made us eat these super spicy deer meat tacos he made and boy they were so hot my mouth burned for like 30 minutes
saturday we had our district meeting and talked about why we came on a mission and what we want to get out of it. and i thought about it and shared how i never wanted to go on a mission but i came out trying to just be obedient to god bc i knew he wanted me out here but since iver been out i have really come to realize why i needed to be on a mission not only for other but for me ive grown so much (no i am still 5 foot tall) but spiritually for sure and it will help me be a better mother missionary wife sister daughter EVERYTHING after our meeting we made all the missionaries lunch and then we had our tracting blitz, we had 17 missionaries come help and each companionship split up and was paired with a member we covered almost our entire ward boundaries and they all shared the new because he lives card and invited people to watch the video and testify of Jesus Christ! It was a huge success we had over 67 lessons in 1.5 hours and we got 11 referrals from it! holy cow it was soooo awesome! that night we had the general womens conference which was super good. a great reminder that we need to defend the family and it truly is of God.
sunday we tracted a little and then we went to church, all the missionaries bore their testimonies and many people shared missionary experiences they have had lately and bore testimony of how easy missionary work is and some talked about the great experience it was going out on the blitz it was soooo cool! the bishop talked about how he always asked president cannon to just keep the missionaries and whenever he asks they always get changed but he was so thankful the president doesnt listen to him because the sisters he has now are exactly what the ward needs so that was  cool. we had a lesson about becoming perfect and how perfect really means complete in the scriptures and how we are constantly working on becoming complete and how no one is perfect or complete until they have been sealed in the temple and are striving to keep thier covenants that they made. it puts a whole different spin of the scripture "What manner of men ought ye to be, perfect even as I am." because the greek translation for perfect is complete so it was changed when the bible was translated cool huh?? we had a meeting with our ward mission leader after church and then dinner. we tried visiting a few people and then came home! we walked 8 miles that day! thats a lot.
well i gotta go! talk to you next week! love you all, i can feel your prayers, keep it up;)
sister abby wasden
p.s. see you all in 7 months.

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