Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 42

Aloha Fam Bam + extras
well well well we have had yet another cray cray week. I really love Kuna for realz even though its chalk full of eternigators (eternal investigators) and most of the less actives arent very happy that we come by. But living with the myers is truly like living at home their kids in a weird way are kinda like siblings or cousins and their grandkids are just like my nieces and nephews. so in all honesty i kinda want to leave. that sounds twisted doesnt it? but its so much harder to leave when you have deeper connections then if you dont, the wards just feel like a home ward, and i get homesick easier because it feels so much like home but yet its not. so sadly i hope this next week i get transferred. The only thing that I dont want to get transferred for is our YSA investigators baptism on march 7th. he is so prepared for baptism and i am so excited!!!!!!!!!! this week we went over the bapitsmal interview questions with him and they all start with do you believe... and he goes i only have  1 problem with those questions and we look at each other and are like uhhh okayyy what is that? he goes well, i dont believe... I KNOW all those things are true. *mind blown*  he is crazy awesome the definition of the term: golden investigator, he also tricked us on sunday, he was late to church and so we texted him asking if he was coming and he was like nope and we kinda freaked out and asked why and he said bc i dont wanna and our hearts sank, like 2 minutes later he walks in the door to the chapel and whispers tricked ya! oh i was so annoyed i truly thought he was regressing but silly me because he has such a strong love and testimony of the gospel
we had a ward activity this week volleyball it was fun but not very many people came we spent all day inviting people to come but not a single soul we invited came, we probs gave out like
 20 invites:(
zone conference was pretty great we had some hilarious skits on how to give a solid commitment and how a ward council shouldnt go and what to do at dinner appointments. we all made them pretty hilar. we had good training on the atonement and how it is infinite and on giving solid commitments. we spoke in church on sunday in the 1st ward and i spoke on how we can do missionary work through service. every one said it was a great talked and they were "floored" so that was comforting, i felt like it went well but wasnt positivo. the ward counsil was super impressed with the "work" we have been doing because our progress record was filled front and back, but i still feel like im not very busy so i think to myself what would they do if i really felt like i was off the wall busy? which like i said i love kuna but i think it goes back to the lord trusting the ward. i feel like for the most part i mean im not perfect and can always work on my self to be better but i feel like im am doing everything i can for this area right now, and we still dont have any investigators that are wanting to make that commitment in the 1st ward. the ward is great but it just makes me think if i feel like if they feel like the work we do is phenomenal and we are like WE NEED MORE WE ARENT DOING AS MUCH AS WE COULD maybe god doesnt feel like they are ready to take care of those investigators that need to be found yet so still i plant seeds every day hoping one day some one else will be able to harvest. just like we get to do with Tony, our YSA investigator.
Family, (quote from my talk) "The Lords work will go on whether you choose to be a part of it or not, so be a part of it, and if you arent change today and help the Lord in this great work and bring those around you into the fold of God"
I have to go but i love you all so much and you should write me and email me!
Have a great week. Be jealous that iget to meet an apostle and shake his hand saturday! our day with Elder L. Tom Perry!
Sister Abby Wasden

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