Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 44

So sorry this is going to be super short this week,
I LOVE transfer pdays because people get to play together we came home after and i unpacked
tuesday we did service visited some less actives and went to activity days with our investigator, it was fun. after we helped set up for the relief society dinner and then had dinner with them. after that we went to the stake open house which was poorly attended. so that needs to change!
wednesday we had district meeting and then visited more less actives and had dinner and then went to mutual there were 4 nonmembers there!
thursday we weekly planned and taught a lesson to an investigator sad tho bc she said she doesnt feel any difference in our church or scriptures as she does at her community church that openly preaches against the mormons so thats sad:( then we went to the primary talent show and my companions did a tahitian dance and i manned the music everyone loved it
friday we visited more and more people and passed out fliers for a missionary fireside we are having on sunday. good thing tho i think im getting used to walking. dad/mom can you send me a fitbit dont yall have an extra one?? my comps and i want to start tracking out steps and calories burned! PLEASEEEE kthanks
saturday we passed out more fliers and cheered on some potential investigators at the church ball game then we saw more people and then we had a hilarious dinner wiwth an old lady it was a crack up, the myers picked us up from there and we went to tonys baptism in kuna it was awesome! number one his baptism and seeing his family there and 2 being back in kuna it was so refreshing honestly. i dont feel like i even sound like myself. everyone said welcome home sister wasden we have missed you so much! Ah its been a week! hahaha i missed it too tho.
sunday was good its weird only having one ward but we saw president at church and chatted for a little while. After church we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and i helped him get a ward mission plan going. then we went to dinner at the bishops house for his sons homecoming and the stake president was there. we got to chatting and he asked me about myself and then we got to talking about missionary work  i told him what ive seen work what hasnt and what i noticed in the last week was good and bad in my new area and he took it really well i had a lot more bad things than good, and i said im sorry if it was hard hearing this but this is what i have noticed over the last year serving in 6 different wards and he was like no it was so helpful you were the missing link you are helping me solve all these problems that i see but i havent had anyone tell me to help me figure them out. it was a really good chat we talked for about an hour and a half i was very nice and polite but honest. i feel like im off to a good start. i just want to boost this area like crazy. something cool is that I really have started to feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for his children as we watch people make covenants. It was special and great being back in Kuna if only for a baptism:) I am getting used to walking and working on not complaining haha. I have a goal to make this area way better when I leave from now. I hope my ambition can keep me going. I am also excited I get to attend Kalebs baptism in Weiser this weekend. He was a YSA I helped teach in Kuna and wanted me at his baptism! That will also be a special event! well love you all! ttyl
sister abby wasden

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