Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 46

Reading the headline I hope yall dont freak out. or do that would be funny too. This week was SO CRAZY.
monday we shopped and played kickball and basketball it was awesome my team won both games! That night we had FHE with a super fun family, for the treat we had cast iron skillet smores oh my gosh SO GOOD.
tuesday we had exchanges. i really dont like exchanges. nuf said. but we tried to contact formers and not a single one was home. we tried contacting a potential and the sister we were on exchanges with went up to this lady in her car and the lady just shook her head no... it was actually pretty hilarious. we went to activity days dinner and then our stakes come and see and exchanged. for everyone who reads this. if your stake does an open house GO and INVITE. thats what they are there for. after that we exchanged back
wednesday we had district meeting and then went on rides with the young womens president and it was awesome so much success in an hour when member join you. we had dinner and then we went to play basketball and taught a little lesson to one of the youths friends about repentance. sports and the gospel. its great. gotta get my steps in haha
thursday we tried to contact some people in the morning and we walk past this older man and say hi, sister wilson had shared the he is the gift with him at christmas time but not much came of it so we thought hey lets just say hi he is outside he was really nice and was like im cutting my tree down but can you ocme back at 3? well yeah! so sister  sessions from kuna came and took us out to lunch, oh how i love hawaiian food. when we came back we started planning for our tracting blitz we are doing with all the missionaries in our district and a bunch of members from the ward!  then it was time to go to our lesson at 3, we got there and they were like we really respect the mormons so you have 30 minutes of our undivided attention so tell us your scpheil(spelling) so we got to know them taught the restoration and they started asking questions and we gave them a book of mormon and the wife goes i dont understand why my friends hate mormons so much we pretty much believe the same thing. it was SO COOL. after that we had dinner and then went to contact some less actives with a member and we had 2 really good experiences with them
friday was sisters conference! oh my goodness it was soooo fun! seeing all the sisters we had my fave chicken salad sandwich on crossiants a lemonade bar we made planners and had really good training/talks given, that night we tried to contact some people and got a referral for the spanish elders and then had dinner. that night we weekly planned
saturday we contacted less actives and invited them to stake conference we had lunch and then we went to a baptism sadly our investigators we invited didnt show but it was a cool baptism this man that had been in and out of jail and all tatted up but he just knew it was true and needed to baptized. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! we had some members bring us this bomb thai food for dinner bc they signed up to feed us but couldnt have us over bc something came up, it was sooo good.  we headed to stake conference and sister ioane starts to have this horrid asthma attack and her inhaler wasnt doing ANYTHING so we called the mission nurse and the other sisters took us to the urgent care place. they took her O2 levels and they were too low for them to help her to we quickly got over to the ER and they got her in asap, her levels were below 80 and they are supposed to be around 95 so that was so bad they gave her a bunch of drugs and we were there until about 9:45 and president and sister cannon came to get us and take us to get her prescription the ER doctor gave her, the walgreens said it would be a 45 minutes wait (keep in mind this is 10 oclock at night) so president starts driving and sister cannon goes where are you going?? and he goes FREDDY'S we are getting ice cream! so pres starts explaining his favorites and all the kinda we can get so we got ice cream we concretes and then got sister ioanes prescription and  they took us home. OH and sister wilson got a letter from her grandma turns out her mom is from lompoc/solvang and grandpa wasden was their dentist and they were in the same stake and their families were good friends her moms name is dana foulger so that is was cool.
sunday was stake conference sister wilson and i sang in the choir and the stake presidnet gave an AMAZING TALK about how we need to do more missionary work god trusts the missionaries already but the real question is does he trust the members to bring his children into the gospel i talked to him after and told him how amazing it was and he goes well sister wasden i hope you know i could feel your eyes on the back of my head the whole time hahaha it was funny but i felt like he really listened to me the other day when we were talking about missionary work and my experiences and what i had seen so far. i want a copy of his talk it was so good. he used the power of everyday missionaries book a lot as a reference. we had a meeting with our ward mission leader  and finished most of the details for the tracting blitz. we had dinner and sister ioane got a blessing from the zone leaders and a girl in our ward who was home alone needed help burying one of her dead chickens so we got the ZLs to help bury it for her and had a little chicken funeral. and that was my week!
love you
sister abby wasden

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