Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 41

What a crazy week. it has been totes cray cray but good. SO monday we literally played volleyball for FOUR hours but im getting better. usually i cant serve more than 2 or 3 times in a row and i have a 22 serve streak it was unreal every one was freaking out like WAZZI or Walsquad (dont get that one) KEEP IT GOING. finally i messed up my own streak, when i went to set the ball i did it funny  and my hand went back weird and we lost that round. but hey it was sick. after p day we had dinner and then we made valentines day sugar cookies with a lady in our ward to give out to our investigators and less actives!
tuesday we had exchanges and i havent really had a great time on exchanges ever but i went to nampa with sister breen for the day and boy ill tell ya we had a BLAST she lived in hawaii for a few years so we reminisced about our island life and went to the phenomenal hawaiian food in nampa it wasnt papa oles but it was pretty good. its called island kine grinds. we had a blast. then we went out contacting former investigators and this one lady was like oh sorry im not interested i found my life path number in this other church and we were both like uhhhhh a life path number? it was super weird. #stories but we took a bunch of pictures that day!
wednesday we had district meeting and that was pretty fun as per usual and taught our YSA investigator that is getting baptized soon, we drew the plan of salvation on the white board and it looked so detailed and AWESOME so that was cool.
thursday was the temple and can i just say it was awesome. im kinda sad that we cant go more often but i think i appreciate it more now. we got to sit down with the temple president and ask questions and just talk about the temple. that was pretty cool too. i just thought a lot about the missionary i am and thought about how i can be better what i need to do to be a better missionary person and disciple of christ. it was so nice. we had dinner with all the missionaries that went and a testimony meeting at President and Sister Cannons house, i bore my testimony about progression and testimony vs conversion how we need to be converted not just have a testimony and how slowly but surely im being converted and i came home and got my package from mom and dad it was AWESOME i loved it they know me too well. clothes never let me down
friday i woke up ill so very ill so we stayed home that day and i rested and more sleep but i worked on my talk that i have to give next week. saturday we went back to work and wished people happy valentines day gave out cookies and had dinner with a part member family and had a good lesson.
sunday 6 hours of church but one of the high counsel speakers in the YSA went crazy talked for 45 minutes about stuff that really shouldnt have been said gave ridiculous examples and i and many others felt very uncomfortable and i was a little upset about it bc we had our investigator there.( like he gave an example about this RM sister that went to go put on short not long garments to try clothes on and he was like my opinion of her forever changed and he was appalled that she would even think like that so she could wear shorter clothes. guys dont understand that girls have all different lengths of garments and we had investigators there! i was so annoyed but i figure that the lord will take care of anything wrong that happens)  later we taught our 7th day adventist grandparents but even when you show them scriptures that back up sunday sabbath he STILL says like well they probably just couldnt get together on the saturday so they moved it to sunday a few times hahaha they crack me up but its all good
well gotta go sorry about last week!
love ya
sister abby wasden

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