Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 38

This week went by so slow yet somewhat fast at the same time, I really dont understand time on the mission, its hard sometimes because you look back and think woah ive been gone 9 months and then you look forward and you are like how the heckle am i going to do another 9 months of this and then its like what oh no i only have 9 months left. so many emotions in such a small time period. so this week on:
Monday i waited in my car for 2.5 hours so i could get my new companion because as per usual the assistants were LATE. but its all good. i am with sister nelson she was in the MTC with me so that was nice because it was like getting an old friend as your companion.

Tuesday we saw harvey and dorothy and got dropped by an investigator. we went with president myers to a less active families home, their mother in law is on the verge of death so they had the elders give her a blessing then they gave the husband(dad) a blessing  for his injured hip and then he told his wife he needed a blessing and pres myers told him he needed to do it, he hadnt used the priesthood or been to church in 30 years but with some help gave his wife a priesthood blessing. it was one of the most heartfelt and spiritual blessings i have ever heard. we went to the open house and that was okay not too bad.

Wednesday we had a good district meeting. we played a game called the probability game i challenged elder lines to lick a puddle and he lost so he had to lick it it was sooooooo gross! BUT HILARIOUS!

thursday we planned and tracted. got no where tracting but it killed time.

Friday we made a list of people to see and some were home we go to have some good progress. we went to sports night which was pretty fun, i accidentally kicked the soccer ball right into this elders face... oops.

Saturday we visited a part member family and then had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family. after that i felt no bueno we we went home and we watched a few church movies on Joseph Smith. it was awesome one was a documentary and pretty interesting.

Sunday was a busy day as  per usual we were at church from 7-4 had a quick lesson with brandi and then dinner with the a fun part member family. the dad will sit there but doesnt interact much. we watched the restoration dvd and you could see that he is thinking in there. one day he will just blow our minds and tell us he wants to get baptized when i have no idea, but he is progressing. slowly. well not much else to tell but NO ONE WRITES ME ANYMORE I AM NOW REBUKING YOU IF YOU CAN NOT TELL!  love you,
Sister Abby Wasden

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