Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 35

Hellooooooooo Youtubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So everyone i have now passed my 8 month mark this week! weird.
on monday we played volleyball all day

tuesday we tried 11 people and not a single soul home. it was a little rough. just a smidge depressing but its okay

wednesday new years eve what what???? we had district meeting and then we visited some people and after dinner we had permission to play games with missionaries because there was no work on new years eve so we played fun games

thursday we weekly planned and taught a few lessons afterwards

friday we tried all morning to find less actives and we taught a few lessons and invited a bunch of investigators to a baptism and went to it but no one showed up that we invited:(

saturday we  ended up seeing a ton people today and mom you would be proud but i made a super good pasta it was to die for sister branham accidently ran over a flower pot it was soooo funny i almost peed my pants we got it all figured out we went around delivering our christmas thank you cards and taught a bunch of lessons we had a good dinner with our ward mission leader and saw a few people

sunday we had church from 7-4 and i got hi on in the ysa 3 times. 3 times people i was like what the heck man im a missionary and i felt like i needed my tag tattooed on my forehead we contacted some people and taught an awesome 1st lesson to a new investigator so hopefully that will go some where
well i gotta go love you all email me back peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:)
sister abby wasden

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