Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 33

So this is gonna be sups short because we are skyping in 3 days but AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS
MONDAY we did our christmas shopping and then i played soccer with the elders, im a #beast jk but it was super fun i miss playing:) We have some investigators that are sick so they didnt want to put up their tree so we bought a tiny glitter tree from the dollar store and delivered it to them. they were soooo tickled that we thought of them it was so sweet:)

TUESDAY we had zone conference and it was super duper fun! our musical numbers went super well. mom and caity you can share it with who ever you want but i couldnt get it to email bc its too big. but it went really well and president and sister cannon were crying:) adn NOT because it was horrid bc it sounded lovely im sure.

WEDNESDAY we had district meeting and i had the miracle share and i thought aobut all the miracles in like that lead to me being on a mission starting with mom moving to AZ getting  baptized and the rest is history but thats a miracle to be bc if that hadnt happened then i wouldnt be on a mission sharing the gospel right now. we drew names for secret sants and its gonna be AWESOME i will show yall pictures next week of it. we saw a bunch of people and then GUESS WHAT we had dinner with a family and their brother in law was in town and he knows brad really well! SO WEIRD but cool. #connections. that night we went caroling with the youth and stopped by a few of our investigators homes

THURSDAY we weekly planned  there wasnt much interesting our dinner cancelled so i got to work on my secret santa gift and we went on rides and had a good talk with a less active sister whose daughter wants to come to church and so they decided that would start coming back #progress!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

FRIDAY we dropped off some christmas presents to less actives and we ended up chatting with a couple for two hours  that we have been working with they have a LOT of hang ups, the dad wants to come back to church get sealed to his family have his daughter baptized and the wife DOESNT. so its been hard but trying to break down walls and its slowly starting to work. we went out and invited the ysa less actives to their christmas party and then we saw our favorites harvey and dorothy, and of course harvey told us again how because he is adventist he doesnt eat pork its so funny this time he told us he would NEVER wish it upon anyone to eat "that stuff" and his wife goes whhhhhhaaaat harvey you used to LOVE bacon and eat it every day ahahaha then we contacted a potential investigator and had a good chat with a less active and his girl friend.

SATURDAY we taught a recent convert who used to be JW and he was asking about christmas and how and why we celebrate it so that was fun we invested more less active YSA to the party, had lunch with our Ward Mission Leader and then helped an older couple make bread and pass it out to their non member friend neighbors after was raced to the YSA ward party which was fun

SUNDAY was great a BUNCH of less actives came to church today mostly because it was the christmas program #mormoncreasters we had a good lesson on how mary adored the savior and i never really understood the definition of the word adore and i have been using it wrong all along and now it makes perfect sense. we had a long visit with a part member family and then the relief society president gave  us some cute christmas presents:) we had dinner with the bishop and his home teachers stopped by so we joined in on that and he asked the question why did mary swaddle jesus and that was super interesting he talked about the jewish traditions and why people swaddled babies so that was cool we then had a lesson with a part member family about how we get testimonies and what a testimony REALLY is and we had a little testimony meeting with their family it was super cool and sweet for the dad to hear what his wife and children truly believed in
today aunt stacey took me out to much and it was so much FUN i was not expecting it at all they surprised me and it was soooo fun:) i was 100% shocked

well i gotta go
ok ttyl love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
sister abby wasden

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