Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 34

so this is gonna be short because we skyped this week buttttttttttt this week was pretty slow because of the holidays but we had secret santa with our district and i had the elder that this is his last transfer so i made some super cool presents pics below. 
wrong tag but you get the idea!
this is the beanie i made for daddy

elder christensens fave phrase

christmas eve was  so fun we were able to stay at home for that evening with the people we live with they had an italian soda bar and it was sooooo good. we had a bunch of fun on christmas morning we woke up and studied a little and then we opened presents it took us an hour to open them all #spoiled we visited a few people and skyped our families and went to dinner with a fun family. after we played games with missionaries

friday: we planned and visited people and taught a lesson on how important the book of mormon is 2 nephi 29 is so good love it!

saturday we taught a lesson and went to a baptism and then taught another lesson our ward mission leader got us thai food and i almost cried i missed it so much 8 months with out it and it was soooo good. we had a great lesson with less active saturday night

sunday we had church and a less active lady invited us over for lunch #progress we taught a few lessons on how you get a testimony and what it truly is. you have to pray about something or else its not really a testimony. you must have a spiritual confirmation that what you are questioning or learning is true so that was a neat thought we taught a couple more lessons that night and the lady we had dinner with went to high school with mom she is just a few years younger than mom sooo weird
have a great week love you all!!
sister abby wasden

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