Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 8 - Lessons, baptisms, and transfers

so transfers were this weeks and im STAYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. okay so the week.

Monday we played fun games in the gym in Emmett with the Emmett missionaries. then we had dinner as a mcdonalds which was gross. I told them how ness has to go by sister jane and no one believed me.  oh well. then we had FHE with the coles again. YAY for board games. we played dix it and survive. I crushed everyone in survive. #bradwouldbeproud

Tuesday we did service and made pizzas for the good pizza place in town Garbonzos then we taught Dakota briefly and then we stopped by this ladies house who we have tried to comtact 10+ times and FINALLY met her and got it. she chatted for like 30 minutes and then we had to go. then we went on splits and sister fisher and I saw and investigator who had lots of questions. hard questions like about gays and excommunication. also I would've been so lost if it weren't for sister fisher because she knew just wahat to say bc she is a mom and more seasoned haha. then we went with the ZL's to check out how Caldwell does their open houses and then to the meeting with the stake presidency and all the bishops and ward mission leaders to discuss if we as the middleton stake should do open houses. we all think its a good idea and it was neat to be invited to a meeting like that nad have them actually want our input.

Wednesday we had a great district meeting especially bc it was elder manns last one. and elder sulca was 100% getting transferred bc he ahd been here so long. then we ate lunch with a family after wards and got to play some games with the elders. I ALMOST beat them in pool but alas my skills were a little shaky so ill need to brush up on them so I can hustle them next time. then we went on splits and McKenzie  and taught a GREAT lesson to Xavier our LA we are working with. I

Thursday I was pretty sick with a bad bad cold so we took it slow we did district service and pulled weeds for 2.5 hours for this family with our district and then we made elder manns birthday cake. then we did our weekly planning quickly went to our dinner appointment and then went on splits. I taught zion out new investigator at the fishers house with 2 YSA people. but by the end of the lesson there were 15 people there. kinda crazy! then we had all the elders over and had a little birthday party for elder mann and sang to him and ate cake! the lesson btw was really good because it was more a gospel discussion where he could learn our beliefs with out feeling like he was a student and I the teacher. #teachpeoplenotlessons

Friday my cold was way worse but I pushed through we did splits again and then we met up with the RSP and WML from 8th ward to talk about where to go next and then we met with YSA leaders to talk about what we could do. then we had a really awkward dinner where the family barely talked and just pushed their food around. so awkward. and then we did a FHE with a family the harwoods that are super awesome!

Saturday were transfer calls so we had breakfast as a district at the harwoods and listened to the call. elder sulca is the only one who got transferred and elder mann is going home. but we are getting more sisters idk how I feel about that. ehhhh. could be hit or miss. the elders told us if the rest of the sisters were like us there would be no reason to be a sister hater so im changing peoples views slowly but surely. #notatypicalsistermissionary
then we got ready for seths baptism! IT WAS AWESOME we had over 100 people there to support him. I got to bare my testimony and tell him of the change I have seen it is crazy the difference. then we came home and made cookies for the elders that were leaving bc we were going to miss them. so we dropped them off and said goodbye

sunday we had a great ward conference for 8th ward we had 2 investigators with us in the YSA. Zion stayed all three hours and said he wouldn't but he did and REALLY enjoyed gospel principles. we taught the lesson in relief society because the ysa forgot to ask someone haha YSA YSA well i immediately said yes while sister d was a little hesitant I told her don't worry I got this. i am my mothers daughter for sure haha she taught me well. it was an amazing lesson and everyone came up to us and was like WOAH that as good and you had an hour to prepare?? WHat the WHAT? it was on being an example. and Christ being our ultimate example. great great lesson. I later realized I have never taught a lesson to adults in church before haha so that was cool. we had a cool dinner "home grown steak" and my 3rd time having potatoes in 6 weeks. not bad. then we had an amazing lesson with our other YSA investigator aubree she told us she knows now she needs to be baptized and knows it will be hard and her family wont accept it but she knows its right so she is getting baptized the 19th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
okay well I think that's all! I loveee you all! and you should write me more real letter too! okay byeeee
sister abby wasden

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