Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 9 - Planners, Pday and Pat

holy heckle. well today is my 2 month mark. im 2 months old in the mission. and sometimes I wake up and think... am I really a missionary have I really been doing this for 2 months already and then other days its like what the what will this ever end. but that doesn't happen as often haha. so that's good. my week,
Monday we went into Nampa and we went to world cost plus and had a little adventure and finished our shopping in Nampa. then we went back to middleton and we played dunk abll with the elders and went on this memebers homemade merry go round which was cool,. we played on the trampoline and then we had FHE with the coles again. typical we played telestrations and one night werewolf something. they were soooo fun! haha

Tuesday we did service and laid down a patio for a regina one of the elder investigators. then we went on splits and I met a family we have been trying to contact for a whole transfer. when we were leaving the lady who is a nonmember asked me for a hug and said she just felt like she needed a hug from me. it was soo sweet:)  we some less actives and then taught an amazing lesson to our investigator aubree!

Wednesday we had district meeting and lunch at garbanzos. then we taught one of the less actives we have been working with and then we went to.... yeah you guessed it PATs! haha oh boy. she had a problem this time. her entire front entry way/living room is boarded off to make a not so "hidden" room. and its FULL of food storage. she has been collecting since she was 14 and is now like 65. she is what we would call a hoarder I think. anyway she was having a guy come over to install a heater in her secret room but didn't want the guy to see the food storage. she was afraid that he would be coming to her house in 3 years when the world ends so that she could feed him when the world runs out of food. she said NOT GONNA HAPPEN! so she suggested that we take sheets and cover all the food, which in the ended it probably looked like she was hiding dead bodies instead of food storage. I told that to pat and she said let him think there are dead bodies in there instead of food because when the world ends he will stay far away hahaha I couldn't even take it. the food was floor to ceiling boxed and everywhere. she even had a TOILET in there. it was nuts. so then we went to a recent converts house for FHE bc they cant do Mondays their kids are so cute!

Thursday we made the sickest planners for the elders super personalized and so fun on the outside. then we did our weekly planning and taught our other YSA investigator zion and he has a baptismal date for the 19th! so we are excited about that. we taught aubree again and are planning on moving the date up. she is nervous to tell her parents about her baptism because they are sooo not for it and she doesn't know what they will do. its scary.

Friday we went on splits we didn't really find anyone we met 2 people. wasn't super successful but its all good. then we wrote our talks for sunday and contacted a referral and got rejected #missionarylife we ate Chinese at the harwoods and then visited in a LA she is such a drama queen but we talked with her. she told us how the church has ditched her and this stuff that's not true haha. we stopped by a another LA family/ PMF and the husband wants to hear the discussions and then when we left she called the RSP and told her how much she loved us and thought we were awesome!

Saturday we did service all day. holy heck im getting quite the farmers tan:0 ahhh no! but its okay. we finished reginas patio  and then moved bricks for the people we live with. then went to a baptism and brought our 2 investigators! zion was a little iffy but Aubree is SO excited for baptism and she just knows that its the right thing! then we got pulled over on the way home by this annoying cop who told us we almost ran 2 kids over when in reality they were on the side walk. its the end of the month and he wanted to give out tickets. but we got off the hook. I got moms package and caity and camis letters AHH I love that skirt mom. im actually wearing it now. and the letters were great. I loved it.
sunday we gave talks in the YSA it wasn't my best but  it was pretty good. the elders came to support us #districtunity then we went on visits and did diner with the hallenbecks. we taught aubree about tithing we tried to see the new sisters (who have been rude to us while we have been nothing but nice) we tried to meet them but they weren't home then we got some paper work from the ZL's and saw they DL's randomly it was crazyyyyyy. well I think that's it! love you allll! also caity you are dead for putting my selfies on my blog... seriously?
love you
sister abby wasden

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