Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 10

aloha family! the longer I am away from Hawaii the more I miss it. #asperusual
okay so things this week were pretty good.

Monday we played basketball with the elders. typical. sister d and I feel bad bc we don't want to ruin their game bc we suck at basketball but they reassured us they like it when we play with them. so alas we play. in the words of peter HAZAW! idk if that's spelled right tho. anywho we then went to a FHE with a family and all day I said I miss my moms homemade café rio pork. well sister stucki must have read my mind bc that's what we had for dinner! it was GREAT! they had one of our investigators there and some other nonmembers. and then we had to stop by the YSA FHE and went to there Luau which was a horrid luau but whatever, then we had exchanges I was with sister bailey and sister d was with sister bowler.

Tuesday I discovered sister b is boy crazy. well as much as you can be on a mission. so that was interesting. we were teaching a LA and basically have to start from ground zero so that is also a challenge but we are working through it. we taught a YSA LA about tithing and tried to commit him to paying it but he wasn't sure that's what god wanted him to do... I reassured him I knew gods answer would be yes but to pray about it. later that day we switched back and needless to say I was glad to have sister d back even though we struggle sometimes I know she is the best trainer for me right now. oh it was hilarious so we told our DL that we were going on exchanges so I get this super spiritual text in the morning and sister b thought it was the sweetest thing that he did that. after exchanges were over we were laughing bc he never does that and we were talking with him and he was like I just wanted the STL to think I was the best DL ever. well she does think that now and its so funny bc we all know it was a joke. #missionaries.
we tried to meet a former investigator and when we went she would even look at us and made us leave, it was a little awkward haha. oh well. we just laughed about it bc what else can you do. we got a basketball from the elders to secretly train so we can become better and actually contribute when we play with them ahah.

Wednesday we had district service at library moving boxes of books.we finally met the new sisters they are nice enough but the one thinks she can do whatever she wants bc she is a Spanish sister so that's kinda annoying. we went on splits and found some LAs and got snow cones because it was soooo hot. 100 degrees. I decided I hate Idaho and its hell because its so hot. remind me to NEVER live here when I have the choice. it will be so ingrained in my mind how much I hate it I will never want to live here. but being a missionary here isn't horrid. so that's good. we saw one of the crazy ladies we visit and listened to her stories and shared a message.

Thursday we had zone meeting. we were getting discourage because our numbers look bad. well they are bad. we aren't where we should be by this time of the year and that's partially because the wards don't do much but that's no excuse. so we made curry quickly and then taught zion our investigator the L3 about the gospel of jesus Christ which went well. he didn't even accept Christ as his savior so he said the sweetest prayer to help him accept Christ and to know if this is the path he should be on. so very sweet. we saw more LAs and then we to the fishers to make Americas birthday cake aka my flag cake and work on some missionary work over there. they helped us not be discouraged.
Friday we did service for the town we helped people register for the car show and got to see a TON of cool old cars. uncle vince would've loved it/had cars in it! then we help direct traffic for the parade. then all the missionaries watched the big parade together so that was fun:) we had an awkward lunch  and then had all the missionaries over for a missionary BBQ. we played basketball and made smores and then the fireworks sucked. I  missed waveny soo much. I was so sad. but ill go back in a few years I guess. #disappointment.

Saturday we weekly planned we saw we were behind on our weekly lessons so we had three hours to get 6 lessons in and we did it!! it was crazy to see the lords hand in that when we made a goal and went out to accomplish it. goals are so great! I have learned that if you set goals heavenly father will help you accomplish them. so we got 18 lessons!:) we came home and played bball and I did an ab work out! and we finished our paperwork.

sunday we had a busy busy day. we went to 8th wards sacrament meeting and a lady bore her testimony about her going on splits with me and how great and spiritual of an experience it was so that was super sweet. then we had 9th wards ward council. right after that we had a meeting with the stake president and elders boswell and brimhall about the upcoming open house we are SO excited for that! its going to be great!! we came home and took a much needed nap before our dinner appointment. which was a little weird... just dumplings edamame and raw broccoli.. so then we went to visit a recent convert and then there was a less active across the street so we thought hey lets stop by! she is sooo sweet and it was like she was waiting for us. so we actually got 19 lessons!:) so over all this we a good week. I am happy for the most part and I am having fun. I do miss you all. It gets hard sometimes when there are holidays and things that we would do as a family. but I know that this is a short time. bc at thanksgiving ill be says hey this time next year ill be home. isn't that weird?? also I hope NOBODY forgets that I will be turning 20 on the 20th. 20 PEOPLE come on. that is 1 week and 6 days. so mark up your calendars.! ok love you all sooo much!
sister abby wasden

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