Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 7 - BBQs, Baptisms, and Bad Cookie Dough

well first off happy birthday and fathers day to caity and dad. well I realized that this was the 1st fathers day in my whole life I have not been with my dad. so sad. oh well.
Monday was pretty horrible until family home evening because we played board games with a family and our investigator seth. we played Ratis the one about the plague I bet brad knows about it. the dad we played with actually reads brads blog haha so that is neat.
Tuesday we went back to pats... idk how we always end up there but she had MORE tomatoes. MORE. ahaha oh well its always an adventure. I feel kind of bad but not really sister d and I make up all sorts of stuff... mostly me. like I told pat sister d has this tall boyfriend on a mission in japan and he hasn't written her in 2 weeks so she should move on and write one of my friends. pat just thrives off of our "drama" and she LOVES to give us "pats words of wisdom and advice" we then went to the library to make the programs for the baptism coming up. when we were at the library there was this lady who was have seizures it was soo scary. she was twitching and stuff super scary. anywho we stopped by one of our YSA investigators whose mom is also investigating but she is with elders olson and sulca because she lives in 5th ward. we get her son bc ysa covers the whole stake haha but that was fun the mom is a riot. she told me to find her a nice Mormon man between 48-65. why would I know any single men 48-65 I wouldn't but I told her I would try haha. then we went to dinner and I got to hold baby chicks it was cute ill send the pictures.
Wednesday was crazyyyyyyyy.we had district meeting and lunch like usual but then sister d and i didnt really know what to do because one of our lessons fell through. sooooo we called Xavier ( a less active YSA) to teach him the next lesson. and he was like yeah come over ! so we planned for like 20 minutes and then went over. we taught the plan of salvation. and half way through the lesson his cousin bikes up. and we are like JOIN US and he goes ok I might as well I have nothing better to do. soooo then we keep teaching and we find out that his cousin is a less active in the 9th ward that we have been trying to contact! well he told us he doesn't go to church because his parents never give him a ride so he has no way to get to church. but he had great input and questions and answers to the questions we asked. so sister d asked what their goals were in life and they were like be successful and go to college. and then I asked so knowing that you made the decision to come to earth in the pre-existence what goals do you think you made before you came to earth to have on earth... their answers changed haha they were like be a good person be the best I can and follow Christs example. I love that question. it made me think about my life and what goals I probably made. who knows maybe a mission was a goal I had in the pre existence because heaven knows it wasn't one I had here on earth, and to go to the temple well I got there and the next one is to get married in the temple and have a family so I think im on the right path. then we found out that our investigator is dating xaviers sister so we got them all to come to church on sunday it was AWESOME! then we did more service for donna and we met her son and he was so appreciative. and her husband got it the next day after his blessing for a CATscan which I think Is a result of the blessing because he had been waiting for weeks and weeks. pretty cool.
Thursday I had PT for my shoulder and my PT is sooo funny she is hilarious she said to hook her up with a 30 year old she is a member and 29 super cute but not married so I have my eyes open for her too. we met up with elder boswell and sulca to plan the open house we are planning. then we visited an older couple and taught about the priesthood and its importance bc the husband doesn't have the priesthood and is like 70-something. then we had dinner with the budges they are AWESOME they have a scrapbook business and gave us a ton of stuff to use while we are here which is super cool. then we had a lesson with aubree our other new investigator in the YSA we had an AMAZING lesson. like sooo good. she had 3 of her friends there 2 RMS and one of her girl friends. I felt strongly to commit her to baptism so I did and she said... YES it was great. and tons of great input and she said she feels like this is what she has been searching for.
Friday we met with one of our new Ward missionaries nad then we taught Dakota. we have had better lessons but its okay. I made her a cute card and she started crying. then we met up with boswell and mann and discussed the open house more. so that should be getting in the works soon. then we went to the doctor and he kind of froze my wart off . then we ate at wendys and went to this potential investigators house for service but we sat outside their house and prayed to know if we should go and we both felt really bad about going and decided it wasn't the right time. then we prayed to know who to see and guess whose name popped into our heads. PAT  so we went over there and she needed us to help her make cookies before they went bad.. they expired 4 years ago....4!!! ahh and then there we ants crawling ALL over the cookie sheet she was using. it was sp gross. so we told her we had to leave for another appointment before they came out of the oven haha I felt kinda bad but like mom says god cant protect when you do stupid stuff. and eating those cookies would've been stupid haha. but we told pat some more "stories" we found out sisters d's bf wants to be a vet haha and she tells us everytime our parents need to move to the boise valley because everywhere else is damned hahaha its so funny.
Saturday we went to a baptism and bbq which was fun and elder boswell and mann sang and played guitar it was soooo good. and then seth had his interview and is sooo excited to be baptized!!
sunday was fathers day and  I made a cool realization yesterday during sacrament meeting. a lot of times I feel like the mission wasn't really my choice. like I knew that's what god had in store for me but if it were up to me I would probably be at school looking for a husband. but I realized I need to put more faith in my decision to follow what god has in store for me because god knows me a lot better than I know myself and he knew a mission is what I needed even though I don't understand sometimes. the more I realize if I am following what god wants for me I must be doing whats right even though it doesn't make any sense sometimes. we had a meeting with the stake president and elders boswell and mann about the open house and we are meeting with him next week to follow up and make more plans.
today Monday we are going to Emmett to play games with the missionaries there. so that's cools. and we are playing more board games with that family again! we are going to play dix it!!! idk what else to say except that transfers are next week. im pretty sure im staying and that im so excited for our baptism this weekend! the gospel really changes people!  and ive almost been gone 2 months! sooo weird!
Love you all!
Sister Abby Wasden

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