Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 5 - Middleton, ID

This week went by really quick. so last Monday after I emailed we went to Caldwell to hang out with the other missionaries there. we had a water balloon fight played volleyball and ultimate Frisbee, it was really fun. Then we went home and got ready. we did a FHE with a recent convert and her kids. her husband is a less active, like really less active so he didn't join us. it was fun the kids got really into it and were giggling and laughing the whole time. on Tuesday we went around seeing the widows. we ran into one of them who was getting rid of her rotten tomatoes she had jarred. she literally had over a hundred liter jars of tomataotes she had jarred and grown herself from 2006. but they were  all bad. so we walked in on her in her kitchen with giant trash cans just dumping rotten tomatoes, it was really gross. so we just started helping the sounds were so gross like poop. then we had to drag the trash can out to the back yard to a ditch that you could bury an animal in and dump the trash can of tomatoes in the ditch. it was about 2 feet deep. we stopped for a second and thought what are we doing with our lives. they lady was freaking out about getting all the tomatoes done and we were thinking okay this is your biggest concern? you don't have very may problems. after that day i finally understood napoleon dynamite. i am literally living his life. most of these houses are stuck in the past and people do things that seem completely pointless like dumping trash cans of rotten tomatoes in a ditch in the back yard. that night we had a book of Mormon class with the elders to teach people about the BOM but no one came so we just had fun. i still haven't been sleeping its going on 2 weeks now. so the ZLs introduced me to this young family in their ward who the mom is super cool and like caity kind of and super into essential oils. she gave me some to help me sleep but they are only kind of working. instead of waking up every hour  i only wake up 3 times in the night. progress i guess. Wednesday we taught Dakota and she actually understood when we were talking about prophets so that was cool! (she is slow has some metal handicap if i didn't already tell you that) we went to this humanitarian things for the older ladies that morning and quilted it was super fun and we got to know the old ladies. they were very patient with us. we are going to try to invite less actives and investigators to it so they can meet more ladies. we taught seth and he accepted baptism! so that's cool. then that night we went to Donnas to help out, the priests in the 9th ward helped with their fallen down barn and we worked with sister stuki on the garden. Thursday we had District meeting. the fire department came because a lady said hse smelled gas. they checked it and there wasn't anything. so it just ruined our game of chubby bunny. but its all good. we went out with jill weber she is super cool, just got back from usu and is leaving for her mission in a week. we taught donna the first lesson. she really felt the spirit but didn't realize that we were teaching her so that was kind of funny. then we did splits with the 9th ward and saw a bunch of people. Friday we planned and went out to lunch bc it was my 1 month. we went to this Mexican restaurant and someone paid for us! so that was cool. we made calls and then had dinner at the harwoods(the cool lady we met with the essential oils) with a non member family(their neighbors) and i felt inspired to talk about family history and how we believe we are together as familes for eternity. they are Lutheran and don't believe that but i know i got the mom to think a little. then when we walked outside there was an lds family history pamphlet on our car we have no idea who put that there but we gave it to them and encourage them to fill it out! it was neat. Saturday we went to Nampa because elder goduy from brazil of the 70 was here and invitied all the new missionaries and their trainers to come. it was neat he is the funniest guy! he said he had planned to talk about obedience but then the last minutes scrapped all of his notes and just taught from the spirit and talked about how the lord know us better thatn we know us and he knows what we need even though we might not understand and he talked about being the missionaries we want are kids to think we will be so we should just be our best and the lord with take car of the rest., its was amazing. we were laughing the whole time! then sister dijkwel orr Pritchard and i went to costa vida, and some one paid for us again! it was great. we went to sister gummersalls house afterwards a recent widow sooooo sweet and always has the best stories, and made banana bread. it was so sweet. she said she didn't know how she made it through the week and she knows its only because she had something to look forward to, us coming over. its sad she gets so lonely. then we taught seth again and president cole the 1st counselor in our mission presidency was there because it was his sons foster kid we are teaching! it was soo scary because that is direct word to president cannon on how we teach. i was a little scared haha. but we asked him to be baptized on june 21st and he said yes!! so we are getting ready for a baptism is a few weeks! isn't that crazy! my 1st baptism in my 1st transfer. but we only have 2.5 investigators the half bc donna doesn't know she is haha but more of our work is reactivation. on sunday we had meetings from 7am to 3 pm. 3 wards is a lot of work. i cant wait until i only have to attend the minimum 3 hours of church one day, because 6 is a lot. buttttt in the YSa branch this less active we have been work with came to church finally! he only stayed the 1st hour but he ran into some people he knew which was great and said he will clear his schedule so he can come next week! he says he wants to maybe serve a mission so that would be cool to get him there!!! Dakotas mom bore her testimony about me and sister d and just said how thankful she was for us and teaching Dakota and being patient and we mean so much to her and her family and Dakota cant stop talking about us during the week. it was really sweet.we had elk meat last night. its kinda gamey/tangy and i have only had meat and potatoes twice so far. they give us a lot of Mexican which is nice, today we are going shopping and getting our nails done for sister ds 8 month. oh we did the face masks! they were fun and felt good! sister d  had a hard time yesterday. all her other companions were a little more difficult then me she said and god knew she needed a break so he sent her me. that was sweet. I just have to lift her up as much as I can. she was in her last area for 7 months in a town 1/5 the size of where we are so everyone knew her and missionary work came easy. its not easy here and we don't have a ton of success but we are working our hardest and I have to remind her that this isn't parma. its middleton. no one knows us we haven't gained the trust of the wards just quite yet and we have only been here 3 weeks so we are just fine. I mean we already have a baptism set for the  21st I think that's great! well that's all for this week! i love you all soo much.
sister wasden
rotten tomatoes in a giant trash can

made her an eye patch after hitting her in the face with a hair tie

chillin after costa vida

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