Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 3 in Idaho - 1 month mark!

Wow. my 1st month mark is on friday! isnt that crazy! it feels like we were at peter and camis wedding just yesterday but it was a whole YEAR ago. i still find that insane. what are the odds that my first area borders the boise mission and its the closest area in the whole mission i can be to the Honns house. seriously its 14 miles to there house. i just mapped it! anyway... for the weekend update with sister wasden.
monday was pday and we went to costco and target with the elder and then played ultimate frisbee with the emmett missionaries. our district crushed it. we are boss. #humility then we got dinner at this cute burger drive in that has been around since the 1930s!

tuesday it was literally like i lived on a farm! we dug posts, picked up the eggs from the chicken coop, i fed baby goats and held them. we weeded for a few hours and had roley poley races. we chased chickens and pet horses
the lady we live with is sooo sweet and her husband travels a lot and she is an empty nester so she likes having us around. she gardens all the day long and made the best rhubarb crisp last night as a treat.

Wednesday night we did service for this lady who had a overgrown yard and the elders and priests helped too! we went back saturday with the elders and helped some more! we are starting a garden with her! and she is a non member so that is pretty cool. she didnt believe the elders were virgins so she made them look her in the eyes and swear they were it was hilarious!  we have another investigator he is a foster kid and 15 and wants to know about the church so that is neat!
we had dinner with a lady who reminds me of sister white. they have just an amazing conversion story and is the sweetest lady ever. she made us homemade challah bread! it was delicious. she wants my talk so i will try to get that to her! we had zone conference on thursday and that was super fuN! our car was so clean that out of all 30 cars sister dijkwel and i got the cleanest car award and got two gift certificates for a mr clean car wash! the elders were super mad about it but we all know that our car was cleaner.
for some reason i thought i should buy a diet coke saturday night i swear it was inspiration because i didnt sleep at all that night and had 6 hours of church the next day. so that was crazy!
talk about crazy... i think there is a ghost that haunts me. the other day i was in bed and i swear i felt someone shake me and i look around and now one is there. also we heard weird creaking noises i think its that ghost, and we got a flat tire today so im pretty sure that ghost let all the air out of our tire. there was a kid from byu hawaii and the PCC who spoke in the YSA branch yesterday. he sadi good morning and ALOHA and it made me miss hawaii a lot. i didnt think i would miss is as much as i do, but its crazy how many connections i have had in the last month just from BYUH alone. A LOT. oh i sometimes forget im on a mission and ill think of something i want to tell mom and ill start to dial her number but then i remember that im on a mission and cant do that hhaha oops. we do so much service. like 3 times a week and i am running out of clothes because we are getting so #dirty #idaho
yesterday we met the guy who invented the missionary name tag! he went on him mission in 1968 and when he got back decided we needed a way to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the people, proposed it to the bretheren and hey jack we have missionary tags. pretty cool.
sometimes sister dijkwel and i think we aren't doing enough and aren't very productive but then we talk with the bishops, ward mission leaders, and relief society presidents and everyone we already know their story and have already seen them and our progress records are full so we are actually crushing it and its satan that is trying to get us down on ourselves BUT HE CANT WIN! because like in hot rod i go to church every gosh darn sunday... im freakin pumped. also everyone in idaho is so behind when it comes to family history. they are just now finding out about familysearch and the changes that happened MONTHS AGO! but i offered my assistance because i took a class and am super skilled when it comes to family history haha jk jk but i didnt say i would help out because they are doing a big family history push with the families and youth. so thats cool. well thats about all i have to say for this week! but i love you all!
sister abby wasden

got a flat tire! bummer.

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