Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First Day in the Field

sooooooooooooooooooooooo WE GET TO EMAIL YOU TODAY! The first day in the mission was long. I met sally reads cousin the one who owned her house before her and has the house at the end of the street on that airplane so that was cool he took a picture of me and sent it to sally. then the president his wife and the APs picked us up. we got to a church building and had lunch interviews and some training. then we went tracting. it was a lot better than I expected. I was silent for like the first 5 houses. but then the kind sister from tonga started asking some things that I was like hmm that's borderline rude #culturedifferences and then its was easy. I started taking the lead on speaking first at the door approach which was cool. we gave out 4 books of Mormon, 8 restoration pamphlets and got 6 return appointments in just an hour and a half so that was cool. oh and this lady from Bosnia invited us is and showed us all around her back yard and her roosters and then all about her family. she said she believed in all gods everywhere. we got 2 rude responses. 1. we are catholic and not interested go away. 2. oh they send out girls these days? well your Christ is different than ours and we don't believe in the same god. we are Christian and you Mormons aren't. you don't have the same god so go away and don't come back. she said that to us in front of her kids! she was rude. but I just laughed, then we got back talked about it and then had dinner, some more training. got our new companions and then drove to our areas. My companion is sister dijkwel pronounced dike-ville she is from Mississippi, her mom is from Tokyo and her dad is from Amsterdam. she is super sweet and cool and 2 months younger than me.:) she did a year at provo before leaving. we are living with a member and are the only sisters in our district. we are in a new area with 2 brand new wards like as of last week. we cover the middleton 8th and 9th wards and the ysa branch. so as you guessed it my area is Middleton a super small town outside of Nampa just north east of Caldwell. you could fit like 4 or 5 middletons in Caldwell. then we got to our house which is pretty nice and pretty big, like the CT house without the basement. we unpacked and went to bed. next day we woke up and went for a run, then we got ready! sister hallenback made us breakfast because we have no groceries haha. wow they give you 140 for the entire month but because I was in the MTC I only get 80 bucks. so we will see what happens. after our run we studied and then went to our district meeting and then out to lunch with out district and then here I am. emailing you! we are about to go to target and Costco. my district is sooooo happy that I have a Costco card hahaha. me too. itll be so much cheaper for eggs bread fruit and such. they elders were like WAIT you..... you have a  COSTCO card???? okay this is good. haha. so im fitting in already. but no its good. we have a few referrals but we just have to go crazy meeting people the next few days.  okay well im not sure what else to add but that I love you sooo much! ill chat with you on Monday!
sister wasden #baller #mycomphashtags #thanktheheavens

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