Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MTC: Week One

hello hello hello fam bam. 
 well you always hear missionary work is hard. but that my friends is so true. but really. i dont think i have ever cried so much in my life. ever. at times im sad and think about how much time i have until i can see my family for X amount of time but then ill teach a lesson to an investigator and its all better my own problems dont matter and im not worried about me. 
so for the nitty gritties. my comp is sister natalie pritchard from gilbery AZ facebook her! SHE IS THE BOMB! she is a year younger than me in school and like 9 months younger than me. she has never lived away from home and just turned 19 last month. but she is great we get along soooooooo well. for the first day we were in a trio with sister nelson bc her comp didnt come, sister fox, but she ended up coming the second day bc her flight had been canceled. so our branch president assigned me and sis pritchard to be you guessed it, the sister training leaders! there really isnt much we have to do but there are some extra duties! 

the mtc is hard. the change is crazy. daily i think to myself, why am i even here i cant do this but then i stop and either cry or talk with my comp. 
i have so much to tell you!! we get an hour on the computer and can email ANYONE! success. but i made a list of things throughout the week that should help me jog my memory.

teachers. i have 3 amazing wonderful teachers that make sitting in a classroom for 10-12 hours a day fun exciting with breaks and such. and then i have brother (NAME WITHHELD). i cant stand him. he is the worst ever. he never lets us takes breaks is insulting and down right stuck in the mission. he has been back over 1.5 years and im pretty sure he hates me. he picks on me all the time and then when i know the answer or he evaluates my comps and i companionship study and we are bomb so he has nothing to complain about but the way he goes into the questions is so accusatory. i just cant stand him. he told us that he falls asleep when missionaries teach him and we asked him did you fall asleep when we were teaching you, he said no bc thank goodness we only taught him for 20 minutes. well that was rude so we told our other teachers and he isnt allowed to single teach us anymore hahaha  but i have 5 more days and i am out of here! I leave tuesday morning at 9;50 i have to be at the travel office at 4:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whose idea was that? bc its dumb. im shaking bc the laundry room is so cold. oh btw im doing my laundry right now and had to teach my comp haha 

omg we have this elder in our district named elder (NAME WITHHELD) and he is basically dwight k. schrute. no lie. its the craziest thing. one time he fell asleep in class and when he woke up everyone was staring at him, he had his hands up like he was driving and told us he had been in a car chase. another time they called him over the intercom and said his name wrong so he goesss its elder ...... said correctly and we didnt know the rooms were tapped so the lady on the intercom starts laughing and is like how do you say it and then they have this whole convo for the whole MTC to hear. its was hilarious. 

our (fake but real) investigators we teach joy and john. god has blessed sister pritchard and i with the gift of teaching seriously we are awesome. and we flow so well together. our teaching is just so great. john is committed to baptism for the 31st and joy went from no belief in christ or having a god as a father she just saw god as an intelligence not like a person to believing that christ really was her savior. what i have come to realize is that at the end of the day all we can do is what our purpose is, invite others to come unto christ, if helped our investigators even just learn how to pray then we have accomplished our goal. our first lesson with joy was hard and she was stuck in her own beliefs but through prayer we have been able to reach her through the holy spirit. its seriously such a change. we were so discouraged and then we realized that if we teach our best and tried our hardest then we should be happy with whats going on. 

omg guess who our tuesday devo was......... drum roll.  ELDER HOLLAND it was amazingggggggggg  i sang in the missionary choir and we sang his fav song 
omg and i saw the eddingtons twice. both times i started just crying and broke down. i dont know why but i was so excited and sad and the same time that i just freaked out. 
i have like 4 friends from BYUH here in the MTC so its been nice seeing them around and chatting because its feels a little more normal and familiar. please just pray that i wont be homesick and i know i will be able to do this. when i think about it i know i will but it gets hard. AND I WANT MORE LETTERS PLEASEEEEEEEE ok i love you all sooooo much. 

okay love  you byeeeeeeeee

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