Monday, May 19, 2014

Idaho: Week 2

Well Well Well
i got one letter this week one. from caity. my family is slacking. anyway im doing good! i think that the MTC was harder on me emotionally than the field will be. My mission president is really chill. we can listen to any music as long as its uplifting can invite the spirit is clean and makes us happy, and not about love. so i will giv ethe best reward to those who can send me the best CDs. or thumb drive either or. what to say well my companion is reall cool. she is half japanese and half dutch from mississippi crazy combo but we are on the same page about a lot of things. we are on a mission and we love it but we are going to kill ourselves over it and stress over the little things because then we would die. i love my thing make it to P-Day. thats the best. I am over all pretty goo, sunday was soooo busy, we have 2 wards middleton 8th and 9th and the YSA branch. so lots of work. we ahve some referrals  but most of our work is reactivation. its neat working with the WMLs because i just think wow people are working with caity and brad so i try to be the best missionary that i can be that would be good to work with brad. but we have some good WMLs, it is kinda strange because literally everyone is like omg finally we have the sisters back or we are so freaking excited that there are sisters here again. the previous elders must have really been bad. but from what it sounds like they were just really pushy. we have zone conference on Thursday so i get to see sister pritchard! yay! also i am 12 miles away from eagle aka camis house. so weird. and her parents can take me out to lunch it just has to be in my area. there is an awesome pizza place in middleton called garbanzos so tell them they are welcome to come if they want. i will invite them and erik schneiber when i have my first baptism for sure bc we can invite friends. so thats cool. ummmmm some neat experiences we went knocking on doors because we literally had no information about this area. the previous sisters basically left us with a blank area book.
This week I have learned how important prayer is. Sister Dijkwel and I pray about everything. We prayed before we went out to tract people in the ward. It just so happened that the majority of people we picked on the list were Less Actives. That is no accident.  When we finally met the ward leadership on Sunday we felt pretty good about the work we had been doing because we have visited a good number of people that they have brought up. I am learning a lot from Sister Dijkwel. She is a good trainer. I am having an easier time in Idaho than in the MTC. That brings me lots of hope. I can feel the prayers that my family and people have for me daily. I am out of time  but i love you all and cant wait to hear from you next week.
Love you so much
Sister Abby Wasden

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