Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 53

basically this week was weird.
monday we had a meeting with the YSA bishop and went over the new ward mission plan its starting to look really good and get the work rolling.
tuesday we spent most of the day finding YSA and met a bunch of people in the YSA or founf out they moved. classic. we also met a few people in our other ward that I had never ever met. so that was cool
wednesday was district meeting and we found more info on the ysa. so many people had moved. its interesting because parents wont give us their info to move their records. they are actually pretty cranky. we had a meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader and the ward mission plan but we are working on both wards. lighting that fire to share the gospel and serve.
thursday we made cookies with a sister in the ward and then we went to lunch with some missionaries at my fave. hawaiian food. yummmm we weekly planned and then we had dinner with the cannons. it was nice because we got to tell president all about how the work is really going. its so slow and we are trying our hardest but you cant force anyone to share the gospel so alas we are left to our own efforts. this area has SO much potential but when the member missionary work isnt going sadly we have no investigators. but we keep our chins up and keep trying to find and make visits. we attended the stake ysa meeting.
friday i graduated from physical therapy! YAY! we delivered the cookies we made to less actives and it was a success actually!! we had dinner with a super fun family I LOVE THEM! we were supposed to have a lesson with a new investigator but he just never showed up... and we got dropped by another investigator. so that was interesting.
saturday we were on exchanges and i went spanish. i can honestly day i know what it feels like to understand the majority of what people are saying and you can follow and want to respond but you cant. so i talked through sister shirley. we did service for the jehovahs witnesses we asked if they wanted help when they were working and said yes so we parked and got out in our skirts and pulled weeds for an hour and a half. it was actually really good because they kept asking up a bunch of questions and we answered them! we met some youngins in a gang and shared the gospel and tried to help them out. we went to a baptism and it was great. i had a bunch of fun speaking spanish not really speaking but kinda. i was surprised how much i could understand tho.
sunday we were in ward council and we bore our testimonies about member missionary work and i cried. in this ward its a struggle and hopefully a change of heart will help this ward move along. we went to seminary graduation that night and we tried contacting more people. i honestly feel like my work here in this area is to help motivate the ward to open their mouths and share the gospel and serve others with a willing and happy heart. if anything i have realized how passionate i am about member missionary work it is SO IMPORTANT and is everything.
i hope yall have a great week! WRITE ME
sister abby wasden

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