Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 50

so not having a toaster is actually harder than it sounds. i didnt think it would be that bad but toasters are a pretty necessary kitchen item. but we dont reallyyy have a kitchen. well thats not the point.
so monday was transfer day and nuts as per usual but it was the best because i got to have sister dijkwel with me for her last few hours as a missionary. we went to a family home evening with a super cool family in our ward and heard some of the CRAZIEST mission stories ever. ever. if you want to hear them i will talk with you after the mission. but it made my worst days in the mission feel like nothing. i will put it that way. and it makes the saratov approach look like childs play. the son had his non member friend there and we all got to testify of the priesthood gospel and joseph smith it was really cool. we took sister dijkwel to the mission home and we said our see ya laters
tuesday we redid the white board with both wards ysa and 9th and let me tell you it look soooo much better. we took sister ioane to say goodbye to a few people before she left wednesday. we had a dinner appointment with a fun young family. and they asked if we needed anything and i thought a toaster and they were like okay we will drop one off ... WHAT? FINALLY A TOASTER they are great. we had a great lesson with a new investigator who has gone through a lot in like and she is so ready for the gospel we met with the ysa bishop and we are excited to start having more work. we came home and had a brand new toaster waiting outside our door!:)
wednesday i used our new toaster and it was great. we took sister ioane to the mission home for her to go back to temple square. we had district meeting and we went over the area together so sister longhurst could get a better idea of our area.
thursday we did service at the homeless shelter in the morning washing dishes it was actually really fun. we weekly planned which took forever and then a family took us to the hippest resturant in nampa brick 29 and it was soooo good. it reminded me of CT.
friday we had a lesson with another new investigator and a recently returned missionary in the YSA she too is really interested in the gospel and wants to learn more:) we helped a sister go visiting teaching bc he partner couldnt go and then we helped with the young womens fundraiser getting it all ready.  i was the only one who said they would help cut garlic cloves and my hands still smell like garlic but i did a good job mincing it:)
saturday we had our stake meeting with the ward mission leaders and full time missionaries this one went really well. we did service and pulled weeds for 2 hours straight. and then we met with the relief society president. after that we tried to contact a bunch of people but no one was home and then we went to dinner.
sunday we had ysa ward council and our new investigator came to church!!! we had a couple more meetings and then contacted more ysa people and planned.
it was a busy week and next week is crazy too.
well gotta go
sister wasden

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