Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 51

this week was crazy.
monday we played basketball and im defs getting better. i even made a couple three pointers so i would say yes improvement. we had 2 lessons that night with YSA kids and got one new investigator and set a baptismal date for may 9th!!
tuesday we helped stain a fence and met with one of our YSA investigators. we went to activity days and it was so cute they made toilet papers dresses to go over modesty it was a cute lesson. we had a meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader after and that went well!
wednesday we were in meridian for appointments and i got chickfila and it was AMAZING, we contacted some people and then we went on splits with the relief society presidency and it was so successful we taught 11 people that day!
thursday was round 2 in meridian and it was a good outcome. im not crazy! we got lunch and then we tried to contact  some people and  went to a baptism
friday we had an awesome zone meeting and i gave a training on the holy ghost the difference between the witness and the gift i used a hula hoop and described how when we exercise the gift by reading our scriptures going to church and praying and the holy ghost (hula hoop) will always touch you but when you stop it falls and you cant feel it it was pretty clever if i do say so myself we weekly planned after
 saturday we did service and helping out with a youth conference being the adult leaders and doing service then we pulled weeds and are completely ripping out someones yard bc they are redoing it. we had a lesson with one of our YSAs and went over the book of mormon and she really liked that
sunday we had ysa ward council and then went to the family ward. we had a meeting and then updated records and contacted some more ysa!
welll thats about it
love ya
sister wasden

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